We all know what it feels like to go through a long cold winter, and coming out the other end of it it feels as though it lasts longer than it actually does. Some of us have to deal with seasonal affective disorder and can feel quite gloomy during the colder and darker months. But before long the Sunshine arrives, and we can start thinking about enjoying ourselves outdoors more often. Getting plenty of sunshine and light in our lives is good for our mood and our health, but there are some things we need to consider when it comes to the summertime, and how to look After our health when the weather gets warmer.

Environmental factors

 When our environment changes sometimes we forget to adapt to it, we don’t necessarily need to put a lot of suncream on during the winter, but we do during the summer months, and it can be difficult to remember to stock up before the hot weather hits. We will also be out socializing more and causing some potential damage to our system through partying a little too hard, so looking after yourself can help hearing loss prevention from loud music, making sure that you drink plenty and stay hydrated during the party season, and also making sure that you don’t get sunburnt, are some of the key priority is to keep in yourself healthy and safe during the summer months. Of course, life is all about balance, and you can easily enjoy yourself and take care of your health too.


Some of the more dedicated fitness fanatics won’t skip a beat when the warm weather arrives, and may even up the ante a little bit due to not having to worry about rain, some of us feel as though the hot weather can make the exercise that much more difficult and shy away from it. The best thing to do is adjust what you are doing slightly, drinking plenty of fluids and making sure that you keep cool, either with an air-conditioned gym or maybe going for a swim? Either way, exercise is obviously important for our cardiovascular and muscular systems and should be considered carefully when it comes to the summer months. You don’t want to get to the winter and feel sluggish and slow again before you start.


Some people find that the summertime brings the more opportunities for salads and many more lighting meals. We don’t always want to sit and eat roast dinners and stew when it’s 30° outside, but we do need to be aware of the increased opportunity for alcoholic drinks, and those iced treats. If you follow any sort of plan there will always be alternatives that you can incorporate into your diet. And knowing how to do this in advance is going to ensure that you don’t fall short. It’s not about becoming “ Bikini body“ ready, it’s about making sure that your body is fuelled effectively, and you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

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