Blogging. You see it everywhere nowadays. It’ll pop up on the bio of your favorite Instagram personality. It’ll be on the website of your Twitter blurb. If you’re a business, it’ll be one of the many pages of your website. There is no denying the effect that social media has had on the world – both personal sites and businesses, and it’s become one of the main ways that we communicate with each other. 

We get our news from social media and from blogs, rather than watching the mainstream news channels. We get our communication with family and friends from social media rather than picking up the telephone. If you are making a decision about expanding your managed services at work to include your company business, then you’re on the right track to do better for your customers. A blog gives your business a personality and without that “face”, people have no idea who you are. 

That said, it doesn’t mean that you know exactly what to write and when. Whether you are writing for your medical business or a school, you need to know that you are writing the right thing for the right people. Let’s check out five golden rules to writing a successful blog, so that you’re not wasting your time!

Have a purpose when you blog

Don’t fill it with pages and pages of waffle content that has no real reason to be there. Your blog should add value for your business and you should do what you can to fill your blog with ideas that are relevant and will mean something to your audience.

You need to consider your audience when you blog

If you are writing and aiming for high school students, then aim your language to high school students. If you are writing to attract and engage professors at a college, then think about your vocab and expand it to suit. Once you know your audience, you can attract them accordingly.

Write whatever you want to write

It should be conversational and creative. It should be engaging and you should be able to hear the tone that is conveyed through the page. Your blog needs to be a place people WANT to come back to, and boring lingo and lots of jargon doesn’t often do it! 

Short and sweet

A blog is not an academic tome, huge and unfeeling. It’s a space to share your thoughts, your feelings, your hilarious notions and ideas – it’s all about you and your business. Your opinions are written down for the world to see!

There is no wrong way to blog

You can put anything you want onto your blog and make it your own. Engaging your audience is important and you can get a lot out of a blog that attracts the right viewers. Even if a post doesn’t fit the theme, it still has a place!


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