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Let’s be honest, after a long day at work, there’s nothing better than watching something. Narcos, Homeland, Friends or GOT, I’ve seen it all.

Never did I know that I was doing it all wrong!

You can get paid to watch videos. OMG.

So here’s an introduction to how I just made $25 watching a couple of videos. 

How to make money watching videos

This website pays users to answer surveys, shop online, search the internet — and, luckily for you — watch videos.

It’s bizarre. If you just watch one of the assigned playlists, which are often entertainment or news related, you will receive ‘points’ – they call them SB.

You can redeem SB for cash via Paypal or a variety of gift cards to stores like Amazon and Target. 

Enthusiastic? Yeah me too. Here’s how to make an extra side-buck – you can easily watch the videos daily while at work, while cleaning etc.

I like doing little tasks like this and assign a ‘fund’ or ‘idea’ to it, so I have some motivation of what I’d like to do with the extra cash.

Came up with yours? Good, let’s get to it.

1. Sign-up here

Make sure you sign-up here and only via this link because it will reward you with $10! Just make sure you confirm your email address the same day to receive the $10 bonus.

This site pays you $2737 a year just to watch videos. Swagbucks $10 bonus

2. Head to the videos

Once you’re all signed up (don’t forget to confirm the email) you can head straight to the video playlists. You’ll find them here on the left you’ll see ‘home’ ‘shop’ and ‘watch’ underneath, click watch:

Swagbucks tutorial. This site pays you $2737 a year just to watch videos (I tried it and it works!)

3. Pick your favourite

I’d straight go to Superbowl, news or entertainments. I know it sounds unbelievable but that’s all.

Swagbucks tutorial. This site pays you $2737 a year just to watch videos (I tried it and it works!)

4. Sit back, relax and earn

You might as well check your email and earn while playing something in the background.

There are more ways to earn money with Swagbucks, I haven’t really checked them out yet.

Is Swagbucks legit? 

Yep, I’d so say. It feels okay and I’ve received $250 on my Paypal account. It doesn’t take me ages to many other similar sites, I didn’t do any surveys etc. I just stuck to watching videos, and some of the ‘visit this site’ or other tasks in my daily Swagbucks to do list (you can find that here).

You can earn up to $2,737 per year like this

There are various ways you can earn money with Swagbucks, but apparently, you can earn up to 750 SB points per day if you complete all tasks (probably more if you shop via Swagbucks too!) which means $2737,50 a year!

Now, what would you do with that money? Travel to Australia? Pay off debt? The possibilities are endless!

Click here to learn more and see if you like it (and don’t forget to claim your bonus $10 here)!

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