Whether you are moving into a new house that is a bit run-down, you are trying to add some value to your own property before you sell it, or you are just bored with the way that your home looks right now, you may have decided that you want to make some quick design changes to the interiors of your property without breaking the bank.

A facelift for your interiors could be something that is well overdue, and it may seem as though you have a lot of work that you will need to do. It is, however, easier than you may think to create a new look for your living rooms or bedrooms without having to spend ages over the task or drag decorators through your home constantly. Here are some easy ways of changing the character of your property.

Adding Wood Panels

One way of making a rather distinct look to your property might be to use wood siding panels. These are fairly easy to install and once they are in position, they will really create a new look. 

You could opt to just use the wood siding panels on just one wall and make a feature of it. Or, if you want to have the whole room in wood panels, this may create a powerful statement and look. 

With wood paneling available in a number of different colors, textures, and styles. You could get paneling that is made to look like brickwork or have designs drawn onto it. There is a lot of potential in this material, and it really will create an interesting new look. 

Use Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are a great way of covering your walls and creating a new sense of style. Because they are just cloth they are easy to put up, and easy to take down and will leave no marks. 

With many different patterns available, you could create a wall hanging that really helps to set the tone that you want from your living space.


Decals make an interesting highlight of what would be an otherwise plain wall. They are easy to put on and easy to remove. They won’t leave a mark either, so if you decide you want to swap it and have a new look in a year or so, then you can do that.


A mural could be great on a feature wall. If you want something exciting like a shot from your favorite movie, a beautiful scenic view, or the entire wall to look like a shelf of books, you can achieve this look with a mural. 

You will apply the mural to the wall in much the same way as wallpaper, and it may be slightly fiddly. But once it is up, it will look great. 

Murals would also look great in a child’s bedroom where they could be used to whisk your child away to a fun and magical land which will really ignite their imaginations. 

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