When you someone mentions cutting back on the booze, the same cliches pop into your head. “It’s bad for your health,” or “it’s addictive” are phrases you’ve heard many times over the years and don’t want to hear again! However, it’s usually the less common reasons to quit that convince people that Dry January is worth a shot. After all, they open your eyes to the other areas of your life that are neglected due to the Amber Nectar.

So, with that in mind, you’ll find four totally valid reasons to cut back your intake this year and give your lifestyle a massive boost.

It’s A Mark On Your Record 

Which record? Well, it depends on what you do as a result of being under the influence. Of course, getting behind the wheel could land you a prison sentence if you’re not careful. The lawyers at the Michael Harbeson Law Office and many others can defeat a DUI, but there’s no point in taking the risk in the first place. Another record driving under the influence might affect is your insurance policy. Legally, you must inform your insurer, and they will increase your premiums. Your credit card could be impacted, too, if you can’t keep up with the new payment scheme.

It Helps Others

Dry January isn’t only an excuse for you to maintain your wellbeing more effectively. Do it properly and you can use the month to raise money and awareness for a cause close to your heart. Donating the cash is an excellent way to help those who are less fortunate, and it sets a healthy precedent. In the future, you’ll want to do it again and again as you’ll love the feeling of giving. And, it’s one addiction that won’t ruin your life. Plus, donating to charities could permeate other areas of your lifestyle.

You Won’t Waste Weekends

94% of service professionals work more than 50 hours a week, according to Rescue Time: Blog. Therefore, your time off, namely the weekends, are more crucial to your lifestyle than ever before. After all, if you lie in bed all day wasting away from a hangover, you’ll feel as if you’re always working. Sadly, alcohol forces your kidneys and liver to work overtime to eliminate the poison. So, it’s not rare to spend all day Sunday in bed watching TV. Cutting back will hand back your weekends, allowing you to create a healthier balance between life and the workplace.

You’ll Lose Weight 

Don’t see this as only a physical health thing because it’s more. Losing weight is a fantastic way to boost your mental health. Why? It’s because to look good is to feel good, and everybody looks and feels good when they’re slimmer. After all, people notice and comment on it all the time, so it’s not as if you’ll forget about it very easily. Anyway, you can see the image staring back in the mirror, and you can tell how much better your clothes fit.

You might want to consider these features the next time you consider cutting back on alcohol.

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