If you value your business, then you’ll understand the importance of protecting your company from digital threats. The appearance of cybercriminals has become more and more common and their methods have gradually evolved over time. This has lead to many data breaches which ultimately cause a loss of profits and consumer trust.

This is why cyber security is such a sensible investment for any business. Even if you run a humble local clothes store, there’s a good chance that your customer data and business as a whole could be harmed by cybercriminals.

Network and computer security can be hard to set up

Investing in cyber security is investing in business security. Much like you wouldn’t run a store without having locks, you really shouldn’t run a business without some form of cyber security especially if you’re mainly focused on online sales. Unfortunately, network and computer security can be rather difficult to set up without a trained specialist such as Contextual Security helping you out. We highly recommend working with professionals as a poorly-configured cyber security system can easily be broken and offers virtually no protection.

Data breaches can be incredibly expensive

Data breaches are starting to cost firms a lot of money, especially if they work within Europe since they’ll be subject to the GDPR regulations. A data breach means that a cybercriminal has managed to break your network security and has gained access to your data. It could be your personal business data, customer information or anything similar. If you’ve had a breach, then expect to pay heavy fines. For some examples of how expensive a data breach can be, just take a look at some of the biggest data breaches in recent history. Some companies have been forced to pay millions over a lack of cybersecurity measures. When you consider the cost of investing in your systems, it’s easy to see that you should never take risks. A pen test can identify the weaknesses of a new server or website. In other cases, it can be valuable to map the overall security level of the organization. You can do a pentest here to be sure. 

Anyone can fall victim to social engineering

Despite having all of the latest technologies to make our business more productive, we can’t forget that the simplest way of breaking into a system is often the most effective; social engineering. If your employees don’t understand what social engineering is and how cyber criminals can compromise your systems, it’s wise to hire a consultant and educate them before it’s too late. It’s all about identifying attempts at social engineering and also teaching your employees to be smarter about who they discuss business security matters with.

Network-connected devices are everywhere now

A network-connected device is anything that has a WiFi connection or even Bluetooth. Cybercriminals can access your phone even if they’re not on your network, and they can remotely control parts of your business as long as it’s connected to some kind of network. This can be incredibly dangerous and it’s vital that you establish some kind of protection against it. With a strong defense system, you’ll be far less likely to succumb to an attack.

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