Are you sabotaging your PR strategy? I recently found out that I’ve wasted a bunch of time and money. I don’t want you to make the same mistake, so here’s why you should not feel obligated to invest in tools you don’t really need to grow. If you want to learn more about PR & Free Publicity, head over to the Ultimate Guide To PR & Free Publicity.

Last year, I wanted to bring my business to the next level.

I invested in a bunch of marketing and social media tools, courses, and programs, for my sales funnels, my newsletters, my social media scheduling, my affiliates, my payment gateway, my leads and my pop-up boxes. I felt really professional but after a while, it just clicked. I don’t need all this stuff to do what I do best.

Sure, it helps, but I just went a little too crazy and maybe followed a few hypes. Twitter might work for someone else, but maybe it’s not the best for me. Especially with social media, not all channels are for everyone. But why did I invest in everything? I was a classical case of sabotaging my PR and marketing strategy, by getting lost in false promises and other people’s story.

I believed that shortcuts would help me forward. I tried to do it alone. I tried to do it the passive way. These are all things I never thought I’d do because it’s my job not to. Not only as an entrepreneur but also from my educational background and work experience. I’m super curious, are you guilty?

Before I grew my Indie online magazine in the first week to half a million readers. I’ve launched a blog with 25.000 unique visitors the first month. I did not have all these fancy tools when managed to do that. Why would it help me now? And to be honest, it didn’t the way I expected it to be. So don’t make the same mistake okay?! 

Before I dipped my toes in fancy internet marketing tools, I used my brain, my personality, my network and my experience with free publicity to grow my business. And to be honest: that’s all you need. I just got lost in others’ success stories for a bit and wanted a new business adventure by doing something different. But in the end, it was not worth it for me. 

So I invested a bunch of money in my social strategy just because I felt like I needed to do that.

But when I had a look at my business plan (I do that every quarter), I remembered:

promoting your products to the same audience over and over again, will not help you grow further.

You need to reach new audiences. The best way? By getting in front of other people’s audiences. Not just guest posting, but having your business featured your business in magazines, with interviews and features on websites and in news shows. Sounds logical right? So I got back on my press attack, and guess what? I quickly landed a full page interview in a magazine. I love free publicity!

I decided to open the doors to my Crash Course PR & Free Publicity again to help you get there without fancy apps and social media by reaching new audiences. If I can do it, you can too.

Fix your sabotaging today:

  • Rethink your promotion strategy. Do you really need all the programs and tools you signed up for? Do you really need the premium plan? Or does the free plan provide you with the features you need as well?
  • Did you invest in shortcuts for things there is no shortcut for? Evaluate your programs and tools, cancel the ones that aren’t doing it for you. I bet you don’t like to waste money.
  • Do you try to do it all alone? You can’t! Get social today, send someone you admire in your niche a mention today on Twitter or Instagram! Constantly making new connections in your niche is key to success!

Not sure if you’re at the right stage? Download your free checklist down below to do the check! 

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