You could read about the difference between landing pages and sales pages here, and you guessed it right, it’s time to go through some sales page tips to sell more. 

Here’s a little reminder of what we’ve gone over already – do these steps first before diving into this post:

So once you’ve people on your email list and a product to sell, you need a system that automatically sells your product. Use Podia (here’s my tutorial) or Teachable (here’s the tutorial to use Teachable for free) for automatic delivery of your ebook or course.

Selling on auto-pilot is a must, you don’t want to process every order if you can automate it right?

But you can only convert a visitor in a newsletter subscriber if your landing page converts. But what if people are reading your newsletters? It’s time to sell something.

So you need a sales page that converts.

As soon as you have found your ‘problem’, think about how you solve this problem, how quick and which desire do your customers have for the outcome? These are the things you need to write down in your sales copy!

I’m not buying anything unless I know how it will help me fix my problems, and how fast. A good example is all things weight loss. ‘Drop 10 pounds in 3 weeks, fast without starving’. You know what you get (although, I don’t think weight loss ‘solutions’ actually speak the truth lol), when and how. Be as specific as possible!

Then, add visuals. Visuals sell, and with the world becoming more and more visual, you need visuals. Don’t include just your branding and logo. Also, and most of all: create visuals of what you sell. For me, that means inside views in the course, how to course looks on all devices, some styled photos of the someone taking the course on an iPad etc., what the workbook looks like, video shots etc.

People want to know what they buy. When I buy clothes on, I love to watch the runway video, to see how the clothes fit and look when the model moves. I always check multiple photos before I buy that dress, because, you want to know right?! Recently I bought a new Moleskine (for my bullet journal, so it was the dotted version). I did not know what to expect, so I watched a walkthrough video online. This helped me made my decision to go for the Moleskine. So think about ways you can give people as much information and inside looks into the products as possible, and you’ll notice a revenue increase.

As a photographer, I show photos of my previous exhibitions and how they look styled in a photo frame or in the magazines they’re published in.

You can maybe create a great intro video if you sell services, how do you work, what do you look like, how does your voice sound etc. These things are really important!

Also, don’t forget to include FAQ to your sales page! I always read these before I buy, even when I don’t have questions!

One big failure is writing all about you on your sales page. Who are you? What do you offer? Sure, that’s important, but that will not sell anything because the customer needs to see a very obvious reason to go for you – which is, the results you can deliver and strangely enough, not who you are.


One thing you should always include, are testimonials. Adding testimonials is one of the easiest ways to improve your sales/service page. Testimonials are great because they show previous results and experiences, they help build trust and aren’t sales-y.

The trick to gather them? Don’t tell your clients you need a testimonial. Ask them for feedback instead. A powerful testimonial includes benefits and a person the reader can relate with. Just a normal person like you.

In your onboarding process, make sure you set a deadline to ask for feedback from a client. You don’t want to ask them for a testimonial eight months after you delivered.

So let’s talk about your web copy now, you probably can increase revenue by experiencing more with the copy. Keep track of what works and doesn’t work. Sometimes you just need to change the choice of words (they can mean the same) in order to sell more.

A few general tips:

  • Focus on your customer/clients needs. Write your copy from their perspective, not yours.
  • Double check all visible links. You don’t wanna know how often I click on someone’s (standard theme designs) Facebook button and get an error. And to be honest, I can assure you that at least one link on your website does not work.
  • Check if everything is up to date. I hate seeing out of date websites. “Booked out till July 2014”, is a reason not to book you if we’re living in 2020.
  • Check all Grammar. We’re all busy, and I notice it on my old blog posts too: the more you read your own stuff, the more grammar mistakes you’ll notice, even when you know it’s spelled wrong, it’s just something that happens when you’re busy I guess. Hiring a second reader or copyeditor is one, but you can also just get Grammarly. Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Your copy is meant to serve your audience. So make sure you know what they want and need! You can easily do this by searching Reddit and Quora. To find out what kind of questions online readers are asking when it comes to your product or services, Quora and Reddit can be excellent resources.

Curious about the needs of your website visitors? Use Sumome‘s free Heat Map to put buttons on the places where people click. This is a really cool tool, but also a bit scary when you realize people also do this to do haha. Heat Maps shows you EXACTLY where people are clicking on your site. With this information, you can then improve your pages to show your visitors what they want to see.

I know it’s A LOT of work to set this all up, so start with just one product, one landing page, and one sales page.

Now, as you might have guessed it, you will sell more if more people will get on your list and if more people see your sales page. So you need to attract targeted visitors to these pages.

I hear you, as a microblogger without millions of visitors, it’s quite hard to get your sales pages even seen. And if so, if 40 people a month visit your page, you should have a conversion rate of at least 50% and a high priced product to become profitable.

Sounds impossible right? Not really. I have a secret strategy that ANYONE can use to attract thousands of viewers to your landing page.

I talk about it here. No more excuses!

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