Feeling stressed out by running a business is a very common occurrence, for both new entrepreneurs and old hands who have done plenty of this kind of thing before. It is just one of those things that happen – and rather than seeing it as a failing or a huge problem, it might better be approached or understood as a sign that you need to start slowing down and taking care of yourself more. But what are the practical things you can do to make sure that you are able to slow down?

Outsource Some Work

It might be a good time to think about outsourcing something or other, and so freeing up your time and energy. The less you have on your plate as an individual and as a company, the easier you will find it to keep that stress away. Of course, you’ll need to know what you can outsource first and how to go about finding someone decent for it. Many businesses start with the more technical stuff, as there are probably experts out there who can understand that better than you do anyway, unless you happen to be a whizz at it. Now would be a good time to seek out the F1 Networks for some IT help, for instance.


It is said that good leaders delegate their work, and it’s true – mostly because you need to have your energy freed up so that you can keep a closer eye on what is going on throughout your business. But it is also necessary when you are feeling the strain and you are starting to feel a little stressed. At such times, the simple act of finding someone who can do some of your work for you is going to really make a huge difference to how you feel, and will help you to recharge and return refreshed to your core work.

Take A Vacation

There is often this strange feeling among business owners that it is somehow impossible to take time away from the company. That is not the case, but you do need to set things up well enough to be able to leave them for a week or two. To take a holiday from your organization, you need to have someone you can trust to put in charge, ideally your second-in-command. You will probably need to remain available on the phone or at least by email too, just in case. But you can still go to the Bahamas or go trekking up the Himalayas, or whatever it is that de-stresses you best.


Sometimes the cause of your stress is the way the business itself is structured. For instance, it might be that it is too complex, and that you are struggling to keep your head wrapped around it all for that reason. This is a common ailment in business. Of course, the solution there is to simplify things, which is also something that a good business owner should do at intervals anyway for the sake of the business itself.

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