Running your business while you’re bogged down by stress is no fun at all. Feeling stressed as you go about your day to day business processes can have many negative effects on both your team and your business as a whole. Your attitude could slow the momentum of others. It could also lead you to make strange business decisions that don’t work or pay off in the long run. Stress actually stops us from thinking clearly, so it’s the worst thing for a business owner to have to deal with along with everything else. Below, we’ll take a look at easy ways to reduce stress as you run your business: 


Exercise might seem like it has nothing to do with your business. Surely it’s an hour that can be better spent replying to customers or coming up with a new innovative strategy? Well no, not exactly. Exercise means you don’t have to worry too much if you end up sitting down for a large portion of the day to do some work. It means that you’re taking care of both your physical and mental health, which is a must for business owners. Exercising in the morning can make you a better, happier, more efficient business owner. Even just 30 minutes can make a difference if you’re strapped for time. 

Get Outside Help 

You simply can’t do everything yourself, or even everything in house. Outsourcing to teams who can help take a weight off your shoulders will be a good idea. Sites like can tell you more about managed solutions that could be right for your business. Although you may be spending more on these services initially, having to factor them into your budget won’t matter when your business is more productive with less downtime and making more money because of it. 

Hire Carefully 

Hiring a team of people you can trust is another way to reduce stress. You need to make sure you do relevant background checks, and that these people can work without you micromanaging them. It’s also important to ensure your business provides the kind of culture that these employees need to thrive. 

Learn How To Trust And Delegate 

You must be able to trust your team enough to delegate to them. Know whos good at what and who you should give certain tasks so you can be confident they will get done the way they should be. 

Get Plenty Of Sleep 

Getting no sleep will not win you any medals. Nobody is impressed that you’re constantly tired because you’re up all night thinking about your business. Getting sleep is essential if you’re going to run your business properly and be a nice person to be around. You should aim for 7 hours minimum. Know when it’s time to switch off from your business. 


Journaling can help you to get your thoughts and feelings onto paper – don’t shy away from it! 

Talk To Your Support Network 

Make sure you talk to your support network; family, friends, and even a mentor. They can help to guide you when you’re feeling confused. 

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