Let’s start with a question: do you really have time for that course, free e-mail course of webinar? I don’t think so to be honest! As a productivity master I noticed that (new/aspiring) business owners and entrepreneurs sign up to EVERYTHING, because you know, free information! But do you really have time to follow the course or check the webinar AND implement all the steps afterward? 

Do I think the freebie/grow your newsletter hype is getting out of hand? Yes. It’s crazy. Don’t fall in the trap of a cluttered inbox, an endless to do list and 1000 missed webinar replays. Most webinars vary from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. That’s a lot for one day! What if you’ve at all times at least two free email courses coming in, one webinar a week and maybe one or two paid courses going on. Wow, that’s a lot! Especially because most paid courses offer bonus courses… so you end up with a lot of courses. Great value for your money, but not so great for your schedule! I must admit, I invested in courses before, and I’m still working on them… 6 months later. It’s horrible. I love webinars, but I don’t always have time to watch the 24-hour replay…  it gives me a lot of unnecessary stress. That’s why I decided to no longer work with replay’s when I do a webinar myself. Less stress for everybody! I also give my productivity clients a few tips how to feel less overwhelmed, never stop learning but watching your time. Here are my favorite ones:

| Make webinars part of your weekly schedule |

Scheduling in two hours a week for webinars and learning new things is a great option for everybody who’s not ready to go cold turkey. If you schedule two hours (no more, come on!) at the end of the week (or the very beginning) you’ll feel more relaxed and less guilty signing up to all the freebies everywhere.

| Download the webinar |

Most webinars are hosted by Youtube, and did you know you can rip youtube clips off the internet? I’m not a big fan of this method, because it feels a little bit weird downloading someone’s talk of the internet like a creep, but I sometimes do it to watch webinars offline in the gym or in a plane. It helps you dealing with the time pressure, you can take your time to watch the webinar back. Same goes for free email courses. Print the emails out and read them in the metro, on a plane, or wherever you want! Massive time saver when you read something on paper instead of from your computer. Why? Because you have to take that metro anyways, and you have less distraction (see that new email pop-up in your right corner?).

Productivity planners by Noni May for Wanderlust and Company.

| Skip the freebie, go directly to the good stuff | 

People often put a lot of valuable information in their freebie to ‘trick you’ into loving them, to warm them up for their actual business model or to show you what they have to offer. You just know it’s going like this: free information (I), free information (II), pitch for an expensive product (III). If you don’t have enough time but when you do have money, invest immediately in the person’s offer instead of following a free course first. This is not for everybody, but it’s a faster way to learn new things! (ooh, I wish I had more money than time ;))

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| One at a time |

My number 1 rule: follow one person / interest field / webinar or course at a time. Depending on how much time you have, you stick with only one ‘learning way’ (webinar, course, etc.) at a time to ‘one interest field and more learning ways’ at a time. Remember that if you follow a course of webinar, you have to calculate the time to implement the things you just learned, which can take up a lot of time depending the value given in the webinar.

| Introducing: ‘explore in 90-minutes’ to get sh*t done and see results NOW! | 

So, all of above got me thinking, how can I help my explorers the most? I talked with my productivity clients and came to the conclusion: a paid (pre-rec) webinar would be most valuable. If I transform my course materials into a webinar, I can help more awesome people. They can go through the material faster, which is a win-win for everybody! My regular courses are at least 5 modules, but more often around 10 modules. Plus a ton of value and they’re full time-sucking monsters. These webinars make it easy to learn new things fast, with only a small investment! They’re all less than 90-minutes, so perfect for your Friday late learning hour!


Launching soon the ‘explore in 90-minutes with Noni May’ with of course first, my favorite topics:

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