It’s true that some companies like to keep their SEO efforts in-house. It gives them a sense of purpose as well as achievement. Although it’s commendable, you also know it’s flawed. After all, you don’t have the skill or experience that a quality marketing team has. Sure, you know the customers and their search terms, but it isn’t hard to pass on the info. What is hard is finding the perfect team to help you hit your targets. Picking a partner at random is never the best option because it leaves too much to chance. Instead, you want to ask the following questions and analyze the answers.

How Do You Measure Success?

There are lots of facts and figures that outsourcers can throw in your face to validate their role in the company. Even worse, you might believe them because the data seems so compelling. The reality is that the stats do tell a story, but only particular ones which relate to success. For example, they might say that they have improved your search engine rankings. Although that sounds good, it has no direct bearing on revenue. What has a bearing is lead generation, conversions, and online sales to name but three.

How Do You Optimize Content?

At the end of the day, optimizing content is all that matters when you hire an internet marketing company. The reason for this is because content plays the biggest role in terms of SEO. To begin with, original content hooks the audience and keeps them coming back for more. Secondly, it allows you to optimize keywords and phrases, as well as to include links. Creating content isn’t an easy job, so clients should never gloss over the subject. What they should do is show their dedication to the cause by producing quality samples of their work.

Do You Use More Than The Written Word?

2017 isn’t the age of the written word any longer. People are too busy and impatient to read scrolls of text to the end. Instead, they want to see pictures and videos that break up the content. If you don’t believe that to be true, you should take a look at the user data for YouTube and Instagram. Great outsourcers understand that the game is changing, and they change with the times. That means optimizing content with videos and images rather than just the odd link and keyword.

What Happens After The Setup?

This is where so many companies lose out. They are so obsessed with getting the best initial deal that they forget about the long-term plan. And, some outsourcers will happily string you along because it suits them down to the ground. You can’t let them do that, so you have to ask about the post-care package. What is their month to month service? How often do they communicate per week? When’s the first meeting? All of these are valid questions that you need to ask before you sign on the dotted line.

Otherwise, you could end up paying for a monthly service that pretty ends after the installation period.


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