Google is constantly changing its algorithm (about 500 small updates times a year!) for a more improved experience and to beat the spammers.

That’s no news for most of us, but did you know that with its recent update it’s more likely that PR is gonna be more and more important. If you want to learn more about PR, free publicity and how to get your business in the press, head over to The Ultimate Guide To PR & Free Publicity.

Staying on top of the Google game is important for every marketer, publicist, online business owners or blogger. And PR and content marketing will be more and more important. And that’s a very, very good thing because it will stop spammers and grow authentic businesses.

Of course, spammers will always find their way up to the first page, but with this, it’s hurting the journalist’s integrity, and I don’t think a journalist that takes its career serious would work with SEO spammers.

Real, authentic articles will rule the first page and the top. Which means SEO is out, and PR is in.

Google has won. How awesome?

That’s good news for journalists, websites and PR agencies [follow my PR course Master the media: press coverage NOW here].

But also for authentic businesses, that love to grow with cool features instead of spending a lot of money on a shifty SEO company. I do recommend learning about SEO if you don’t know what it is or how to use it because it’s still equally important as Content Marketing but just don’t use it the spammy way. 

This year you should focus on Public Relations and Media Relations.

PR professionals are known to innovate and change the way they work as soon as it’s needed. We’ve seen it before with the shift from magazines to online and influencers.

This year it will happen again and PR professionals will be ready for it. Here is how you can prepare your business, website or blog today:

  1. Stop using click-baits. That’s just a general rule. Stop the click-bait madness. It doesn’t help your brand long term, it focuses too much on the now. You want traffic now? Well, use a click-bait. But people won’t return to your website again if the link was a click-bait and it’s REALLY annoying ok. Click here to read 100 reasons why click baits are so annoying you won’t believe it and how to make a million dollars with using click baits. (just no no no no no!!)
  2. Start with content marketing.. now! And only publish high-quality content. It’s proven that quality content still wins in de SEO battle and it will help you build a solid brand long term. Publish evergreen content that never gets out of date, to make the most out of it.
  3. Do learn about SEO. Hire someone. Follow an up to date course. Make it work.
  4. Focus on the user experience rather than your SEO. In the end, it’s all that matters. People should love your product because they honestly love it, not because it’s ranking in the top of the search engines. When people love your business or product they’re more likely to spread the words for you.
  5. Have your media kit ready. Your media kit is the most important thing when you’re pitching your company to the press – make sure it’s the best they’ve ever seen! Not sure how? Follow the free e-mail course ‘A Media Kit That Sells’.
  6. Use visuals. With the rise of Pinterest, the way people search online changes, make sure you don’t forget this darling. More and more people are using Pinterest as a search engine rather than a social network, and not only to search images. Name the images on your website ‘Pinterest’ proof – give images an ALT name that reflects what the article is about + a call to action and you’re set. 
  7. Make sure you don’t pay for your PR efforts. With the right strategy and a few hours, a week PR shouldn’t cost you money. Read also: 7 reasons why your PR efforts shouldn’t cost you money.
  8. Get yourself in the press. You don’t have to pay for your press mentions, free publicity is a well effective used strategy in PR but it’s less known among business owners and bloggers. You might know it exists, but how it works? Make sure if you do one thing this year, it’s getting in the free publicity game. Take a course. You can Google. You can read my free PR related articles and courses. But make sure you know what’s up and how to get your name in the media. Quality backlinks to your website will rank you higher in Google and of course, it media mentions and press features will make you more of an authority in your niche and you’ll attract new clients or customers easily.
  9. Download the free checklist ‘Is your business ready for press attention and PR?’ here if you haven’t to prepare for your PR strategy!

How long this helps you rank better? Nobody knows. Google’s fight against SEO companies has been a long battle already, and if they want to play it dirty, they’ll only show sponsored content on the top.

Want to read more about PR and free publicity? Check out:

Will Google become 100% sponsored content in the future? Who knows, but for now, just focus on your own PR and Content Marketing efforts to stand out and rank high. And I’m happy to help you with this process. 

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