Month: July 2017

  • Fraser Island K gari by Noni May with Dropbear Adventures

    K’gari (also known as Fraser Island) tour, tips + photo diary

    As soon as you enter Australia and you start backpacking, you hear people talking about Fraser Island and how amazing it is. But somehow, I waited way too long to travel the East Coast (I blame you Melbourne!), but this winter (or European summer) I finally did it.

    Fraser Island is the world’s biggest sand island, and a heritage-listed island in Queensland, Australia. Visiting is a must if you’re close by but there’s only one problem. (more…)

  • If you feel like a loser in business because nothing is working, read this

    If you feel like a loser in business because nothing is working, read this

    We all know that running a business is not easy; it was never meant to be. However, the scale and number of challenges you will have to deal with can be surprising if you’re a new entrepreneur. It seems like there is something just waiting to trip you up around every corner. And it’s often those small hiccups that cause business owners the most problems, especially when they’re just starting out.

    You should be aware of the danger these minor hiccups present. They could even take down your business entirely if you’re not careful. That’s not what you want to happen, so you need to manage your small business in the right way in order to ensure they don’t become a major hassle.  (more…)

  • Experiencing Animals in Beautiful Botswana

    Experiencing Animals in Beautiful Botswana

    Let’s face it, lying on the beach with a cold drink in your hand is a glorious place to be. But if you fancy doing something a little different, why not go somewhere where you can see some of the world’s most fascinating animal species, and explore a completely different landscape? When people think about vacationing in Africa, they think of popular tourist spots like Marrakech and Cape Town- but why not go for something a little more wild and wonderful instead? Botswana consists of high plateau tablelands with hills and mountains offering spectacular scenery and plenty of great opportunities to see animals too. Here are some of the ways you can encounter animals while you’re visiting. (more…)

  • 5 signs you're no longer a backpacker but a flashpacker

    5 signs you’re no longer a backpacker but a flashpacker

    Recently I did a trip from Sydney where I live this winter, to Cairns, north Australia by bus, stopping at all major towns and hotspots like Byron Bay, Brisbane and The Whitsundays. But for me it was a very different experience than for most backpackers, because I wasn’t really backpacking. I haven’t been backpacking since the start of this trip, 7 months ago already, and I’m still not backpacking. I turned into a flashpacker. Here are some signs you’re turning into me too:


  • Running a business from home: the secrets to success

    Running a business from home: the secrets to success

    Have you decided to quit your job and go it alone? Have you decided to take a left turn on your career path and try something different? Have you finally plucked up the courage to try and make a profit from your passions? If you’re running a business from home, there’s a lot to think about. Far from being easy, working from home can actually present multiple challenges. Hopefully, this guide will help you to overcome hurdles and make your home business a success.

  • Ways To Earn Extra Money

    Turn your laptop into a personal ATM: Ways To Earn Extra Money

    Imagine if you had another account where there was always enough money to pay for home maintenance, unforeseen bills or just a little luxury that you desperately wanted to buy. Imagine if that account wasn’t connected to your primary income nor was it part of your savings. Instead, it was an extra cushion of money that you could use however you wanted, whenever you wanted. And like your primary account, there was always money going into it, but there was never money going out. So, you knew you could rely on it to pay whatever extra bills you needed to or for whatever new purchases you wanted. What we’re talking about here is a side hustle or a secondary income, and once you set it up, you’ll always have the extra money you need.

    Ways To Earn Extra Money

    There are plenty of options when you’re thinking about a type of side hustle or new income to set up. But if you want the easiest possibility, you should consider working online. If you do this, you can transform your computer into your own personal ATM machine. There are various options for making money online, and we’re going to look at how to get into a few of them right here. The best part is that most don’t take much time at all. As such, you should be able to complete it in your spare time either after work or at the weekends. So what are some of the possibilities?


  • Business hacks you need to know about

    Business hacks you need to know about

    Business life can be busy and stressful. As a business owner you’ll probably have a to-do list as long as your arm. Throw in your family and home life to the mix and it’s enough to make anyone overwhelmed. So, when you have a lot on your plate, you need a few life hacks that make the hardest of jobs that little bit easier. Here are some you can rely on when it comes to your business. (more…)

  • The top 8 surefire ways to tell that you need a holiday

    Ok so we’ve all been there. We have all had a day or two where we think “I really, really just need a break”. Whether it be a particularly hard week at work, stress at home or you’ve just woken up feeling a little like you can’t handle life at the minute, there is usually something that makes us think we need a break. Have a look here if you want to know the signs that you simply cannot ignore (or just need help talking yourself into how much you do need some time off)! (more…)