Ever wondered how to promote your business or blog? Today is a good day to finally earn some money and plan new year’s promotions. How? By sending out a press release + newsletter. I’ve written The Ultimate Guide To PR & Free Publicity that explains the how. Time to let people know what I’m up to! It’s important to do this as early as possible because it can take up a few weeks (!) for you to be featured in your favorite media or to have perfected your State of The Biz email. Create a schedule and add all the dates you want to launch something new + should send out a press release. Also, add all the dates you want to send out your newsletter, stick with fixed days and a fixed design format if you want people to stick around (and recognize you!).

Add a ‘now booking new clients for [insert month]’ announcement bar to your website and just that one sentence to your social profiles proved to be super useful in my case. Within 5 days of adding this button to my website, I already locked in two new clients. Woah! 

How to promote your business or content better in the new year

Press Release

Free publicity is my favorite way to grow my business quick because it let the right people find you. I’ve collected some of my favorite resources:

Create a small press list and send out the press release about my newest product.

If you want to learn more about how you can reach out to the press and have your blog, brand or business featured, check out my Crash Course PR & Free Publicity and my course Master the Media: press coverage NOW here.


Yes, mah peeps! They need to know what I’ve been up to! If you are like me, you have several large lists with people interested in one or more of your products, but you forget them too often. So bad! Connecting with your peeps is so much more than social media, but unfortunately, I often forget that.

If you followed my free course Your Network Is Your Net Worth you know this already. You can easily read + follow the steps today, and I suggest you do so you know what to email people!


I always track my leads with Convertkit, so I know I have a few leads I haven’t followed up with. Today is the perfect time to get in contact again, so I make a few calls and send some emails. I also get a lot of collaboration requests and products for sponsored articles proposed, so today I’ll (finally) get back to everybody. Same for a few clients that are still waiting for my quotation (sorry guys!) AND money I should receive but haven’t (for the past 4 months). Stalking people for my money is my favorite thing to do (not), but it’s necessary, some people take it too extreme when it comes to paying for something they already received (frustrations of a freelancer here!).

Today’s to do for you:

Reconnect with businesses and people interested in your products or services. And after you did this, catch up with your peeps. E-mail your friends and family and your newsletter subscribers what you’ve been up to. Next, build your press list and send out a press release about your new service or product. Catch up on (possible) leads.

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