It can be so tough to find peace in a world full of fraught feelings and selfish behavior. When the people who surround you are filled with negativity and are determined to make you feel negative, escaping that can be so hard. You want to be able to be around the people that you love, but trying to do that is difficult if it’s those people that are leaving you feeling bad about yourself. 

You cannot stop people from acting negatively, but what you can do is be responsible for how you react to those people. Are you going to allow them to make you feel bad on the inside and negative about life, or are you going to take back control of your own feelings and find your own peace? With our four tips below, you can find peace once more, even in the face of challenging negativity.

Take Some Time Alone

Whether you head off for a yoga intensive that you can find at or you just need to retire to bed earlier, you need to give yourself some time. You cannot pour from an empty cup, and people who are incessantly negative often make you feel like your cup is drier than dry at the bottom. The best thing that you can do is remember that you are your own person and that you have the power to remove yourself from challenging situations. Don’t listen to those around you who drain your positivity; not when there are ways of escaping them!

Be A Little Rubbery

You cannot stop people from saying things out of turn, but you can stop your reaction being one of hurt and pain. It’s very easy to be affected by the words that people say, especially when someone goes out of their way to be disrespectful. However, these are just words and you can choose to give them power or not. Make an effort to walk away from those who are making you feel negative with their words, even if you walk away mid-conversation. Allow those words to bounce right off of you!

What Are They Teaching You?

It’s said that we don’t meet anyone we aren’t supposed to meet. Every single person who comes into our life is there to teach us something. If you can’t work out why they are so negative, ask yourself what they were sent to teach you; it can often help! Perhaps they were sent to teach you not to take anymore pain, and then you get the power to walk away!

Impose Limits

Both people and situations require boundaries. It’s so important to feel the line of tolerance and don’t push yourself beyond that line. You are only going to end up hurting yourself. Learn where the limits are and empower yourself by saying NO. Go and travel, do some intensive yoga and find that inner peace once more – all because you knew your limits of what you would and wouldn’t take.

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