Entrepreneurs create business for a variety of reasons. However, the majority of the motives revolve around being successful. For example, if you start a food company, you want to become the next Gordon Ramsay. Or, if you run a technology firm, you will have dreams of transforming into the current market leader. No one begins with failure in their mind, yet this is what happens to 80% of startups. Why? It’s because customers and clients can’t find the business. It doesn’t matter how good the products or services are as you will never make money without paying customers. With that in mind, here are the reasons brand awareness is not off the charts.

Not knowing anything about free publicity

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Marketing In The Dark

One way to increase awareness of the company is to market. Unfortunately, lots of bosses are novices and don’t have the resources. In this case, the job should go to a seasoned veteran, yet managers continue on their merry way. Yes, it is hard to relinquish power, but it is vital for marketing success because outsourcers have skill and experience. Also, your marketing strategy might be in the dark, literally. A trade show, for instance, needs to illuminate the brand to increase foot traffic and lead generation. A lighting device which changes color is perfect, but Moons points out you will need a horizontal or vertical swing motor. Otherwise, the device won’t be effective and no one will notice the booth. Normally, the actual light tactic applies to any technique where offline advertising is out in the public domain. As a rule, the more lighting, the more chance the audience will notice. Think about Time Square and how conspicuous it is.

On Google’s Bad Side

The alternative of you going to the customer is for the customer to come to you. For that, search engine optimisation is essential. With SEO, you can optimise the key words and phrases throughout your site so that it ranks highly on search engine pages. And when people say search engines, they mean Google. Sadly, it isn’t as simple as researching the high ranking search terms and flooding the site. Google is after organic and natural content, and you have to play by the rules. If you over optimise, for example, its algorithm will dock the site points. Or, if you use click farms, you will be at the bottom of the rankings. If you think pissing Google off isn’t as bad as it sounds, remember these statistics. Google is the biggest search engine in the West with 67% of users, while businesses on the first page get 91% of its traffic.

No Shareable Content

If you want word to spread, you have to give the people something in return. It doesn’t have to be much, but it has to add value. The main example is content. Many blogs and sites create original and engaging content and make it shareable across the web. Then, users tweet, retweet, and post it on Facebook and the viral phenomenon begins. Either your content is not physically shareable because you don’t promote social media platforms, or it isn’t worth sharing. Any business which wants to create a buzz needs to have a strong digital presence, so take a look at your content.

If traffic is low, bounce rate high, and your marketing strategy in the dumps, you need to shed light on the firm.

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