So, you’re just about to launch a new business, and everything seems to be ready. But, how can you be sure? It’s easy to get wrapped up in the big things and forget about the smaller ones. These little things, however, can come back to haunt you in the future. To help you out, this post will go through some of the things you should consider before the big launch. 


For a company to be compliant, all of it’s policies and procedures must be in accordance with the law of the land. Of course, the law is different everywhere, so you’ll have to do a bit of your own research. It’s very important to make sure that every aspect of your business is compliant. To do this, you need an audit. You can either pay for someone else to do it, or do it yourself. It’s much riskier to do it yourself, though. If you miss something or make a mistake, you’ll still be responsible. Whereas, with a professional doing it for you, you’ll have protection.

The audit will look into all of your current practices, to check if they meet the standard. Audits should be performed regularly, to avoid things going amiss. Even if you start out fully compliant, you may need to update your practice in the future. It’s worth taking these steps to avoid commercial litigation, which can destroy a new business.


In most places, if you work for yourself, you’re responsible for your own taxes. The same goes for businesses, as well. You need to know how and when you need to submit your income details, as well as how much you need to pay out. Throughout the life of your business, you need to record all of your income and outgoings. It helps to work out tax a monthly basis, to avoid having to do a whole year’s worth at once.

Customer Support

If you deal with customers, as most companies do, you’ll have to deal with them at some point. This means dedicating time to a job that you don’t get paid for. If you prepare answers and documentation to help you when issues come up, it will be a much faster process. You can also setup self-help pages on your site. This will help the customers to find the answer they need by themselves.

Customer service is incredibly important and can be time-consuming. Make sure that you provision time for daily email checks and replies. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to respond to customers in a timely manner.

Your Data

All of the data that your company will store needs to be secure. Ideally, this will mean paying for a service to host it for you. This will help you to avoid issues when it comes to data loss or theft; as another company is responsible for it. Only use companies that comply with data protection laws worldwide.

The last thing to say is good luck! Plan, plan, and plan some more, when it comes to starting your business. It’s easy to get left behind in a fast paced industry!

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