Even if the pandemic did little to affect you personally, it’s not uncommon for it to have consequences that blow over into the long term. Having children at home all the time, for instance, means that you likely had to spend on more groceries last year, and ended up spending more on entertainment in aggregate. Everyone can use saving money tips these days. Perhaps your house needed maintenance a little more frequently due to how commonly and regularly it was used. Maybe you’ve worked on become more financial skilled and read my Ultimate Guide To Money + Finance and want to save money after a difficult year. Perhaps you’ve noticed that companies are trying to offset some of their unpredictable costs from last year, leaving subscription prices to go up.

Saving money after a difficult and unreliable year, and hoping to take that very same attitude into the new year can be a tough job. But we can do it. And we can do it well, provided we take some time to consider our budget and track it appropriately. Now, like no other time, the impetus for us to become tighter with our financial handling, to buy items at a fair price and to make the most of the items we do have is important. Let’s consider how to save further money on top of those practices with these saving money tips.

Coupons & Discount Codes

Coupons and discount codes really can make a difference and although it’s a common saving money tip, it’s one that works immediately. Checkout Saver, for instance, is an excellent tool that can help you automatically identify and apply coupon codes you may have been missing. Sometimes, companies offer loyal customers promotion codes through their email, and right now, especially in the midst of Covid-19 and its associated lockdowns, companies are doing everything they can to restore consumer confidence and encourage you to buy again. 

It can’t hurt to make use of those opportunities and support local businesses while you’re at it. Ultimately, coupons are a brilliant way to save money. Whether you are stocking up on groceries, home improvement supplies, or even fishing gear, checking out a couponing website like Raise can help you to learn about all the latest deals. If you would like more information about some of the coupons that Raise offers, see this page.

Saving Money With Pots & Rounding Up

Crafting a digital savings pot to make sure you have at least some spending power can be important. This might involve ensuring that you put aside 10% of your income each payday, just so you have an emergency fund that grows and that can be used if something bad were to happen, such as needing medical care or vehicle repairs. Additionally, many apps out there are geared to ‘round up’ your expenditure to the nearest dollar, euro or pound, making sure that incremental purchasing savings are also added to your savings pot. That can make a massive difference in the long run.

Let Them Earn Your Money

Let companies and services earn your money. Now is the time when companies are doing their best to survive, and while it’s important to support local businesses and to make sure your purchasing power is used wisely, remember that it is your purchasing power and that companies need to earn it. Using price comparison websites, reading reviews of products and services, asking questions of them if you’re interested and even using trial options if you can may help you realize if your money can and should be spent in this direction. 

Sometimes, this effort will help you save money – but it will always help you find value.455rf

Earn More Money

Another saving money tip I want to give you is to create a side-hustle, so you’ll earn more. I have listed a few side-hustles, with some you earn a few extra tenner’s a month, some can replace your day job. If you’re smart, you keep your side-hustle while working your day job, and save the extra money you earn. That’s how I started out blogging 16 years ago, and now I’m on my way to F.I.R.E (Financial Independent, Retire Early). If you’re in for a challenge, make sure you join the Get Money Challenge.

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