Once in a while, we all need a big pick me up. Feeling tired, run-down, achy, low mood, and so much more comes when we don’t treat our minds and body with the proper way. There is a lot of planning that goes into helping your system flush out toxins. Are you going to start now? Or what about next week? What is it that you are hoping to get out of your system? For things like swapping to going vegan, or hoping to get clearer skin, you can do most of that at home. If you are struggling with more significant issues, then you might consider a medical detox

Here are some ways that you can detox and refresh yourself. 


Much of the alcohol you drink is metabolized in your liver. Your liver will work extra hard to turn all of these toxins into something your body can eliminate with ease. The problem is if you are drinking more than a glass or two a week, your liver will continuously be at work. Over time, or with excessive drinking, your liver will start to struggle and eventually will become diseased. 


Sleep is a crucial part of being healthy and giving your body time to recover and detox your system. Sleeping allows your brain to sort through a range of things and recharge itself. When you are sleep deprived, your body starts to slow down to compensate. Your stress levels will slowly rise, anxiety is more common for people who aren’t getting the right amount of sleep. Not everyone needs 9 hours of sleep per night, but you will need a minimum amount. If you’re having trouble with falling asleep, try gaba with l-theanine. Gaba is naturally produced by the body and the premier ‘calm and connect’ neurotransmitter that promotes balanced nerve transmission. It will help you fall asleep faster so you can sleep more hours and worry less! 


We are all dehydrated to some degree, and it is a matter of closing that gap. Water does so much more than just stop you being thirsty. Water helps your body naturally flush out toxins, lubricates your joints, regulate your body temperature, helps with digestion and nutrient absorption too. 


Processed foods and sugar have a lot of impact on the body and the brain. High intake of sugary foods is linked to cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and more. All of those diseases will slop your body, being able to detoxify itself naturally. Swapping sugar out of your diet isn’t an easy undertaking. It takes a lot of dedication. Quick ways to ditch sugars is by swapping white bread for brown or wholemeal, sugar in your tea or coffee for sweetener – and simply stop buying processed foods. 


For many people, detoxing means dropping excess water. Much of the time we add too much salt to our food which leads to us holding water. That excess water can make us feel bloaty and uncomfortable. The best way to deal with this is to start limiting your salt intake and upping your water to help flush your system. 

The idea behind detox plans is that you help your body deal with toxins and nasties a little bit easier. Although you might be tempted to join a tea-tox or something similar, your body’s own system is actually perfect for dealing with these things – but a little bit of help will make the process much smoother. 

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