Online security is a very big deal. The internet is filled to the brim with malevolent forces, mostly in the form of hackers, virus creators, and scammers. The more time you spend online, and the bigger your online reach, the more likely you are to come across these kinds of people. They’ll be able to spot a gap in your website’s security as easy as breathing, and it won’t take them long to exploit it, and probably without you even noticing. It’s scary to think about, but it’s definitely something you should spend a lot of time considering. Your website might have a couple of security issues here and there, and without you even knowing about them. So, let’s make sure you’re aware of the most common gaps you might be suffering from, to make sure you have the chance to put them right as soon as possible. 

A Secure Base

Your website security starts at home. If you’re not a company with an IT support department on hand, there’s a good chance your entire network could come down in seconds. After all, there’s no one nearby to diagnose and resolve your computer issues, and that has a very strong chance to feed through onto your website. 

It’s why companies like Xact IT Solutions are important to make use of. You should always have a secure line to and from an IT expert, to make sure things are running smoothly, and that you receive regular updates of just how well your website structure is doing. In other words, in a digital world, let someone who knows what they’re talking about do the talking! 

A Lack of End to End Encryption

End to end encryption keeps passwords, card details, and all other forms of personal identifiers and crucial information a secret. If a customer comes through your website and buys something, it’s the end to end encryption program that makes sure their details don’t fall into the wrong hands. In that moment, that starts when they press the button to pay and ends when you receive the order in your database, the encryption formula makes sure no one in between sees their details. It makes sure customer details are impossible to be understood.

And if you’re not using encryption software to conduct business online, you’re doing your customer base a huge disservice. If you can’t even keep their passwords a secret, and are able to email them an exact password match if they ever click through a forgotten password link, your database is not secure. 

Session Mismanagement 

And finally, you need to utilise timed sessions. If a customer does not pay for something within a select time period from when entering their details and going through checkout, time them out and make them start again. This will ensure no one is able to assume their identity in the meantime. 

Website security should be top of your priority list. Make sure you pay it the attention it deserves. 

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