Month: March 2018

  • 5 Digital trends that will affect businesses

    5 Digital trends that will affect businesses

    We’ve seen plenty of digital trends emerge recently. As business owners, it’s our job to keep track of them all and use them to our advantage. If we don’t, we’ll very quickly fall behind the pack and be taken over by the competition’s efforts.

    It’s clear there are some digital trends we need to watch out for. We’ve picked out five examples for you today. (more…)

  • Travel around Europe, because it's awesome!

    Travel around Europe, because it’s awesome!

    Travelling is one of those gifts that you can’t ever appreciate until you’ve actually experienced it for yourself. Sure, you can be told some of the most amazing stories of your life, and feel as though you were really there to see it for yourself – but you will never really know until you take that big scary leap for yourself. (more…)

  • An efficient business must do the following in 2018

    An efficient business must do the following

    Efficient businesses in this day and age do exist, but they’re not as common as you might think. Many businesses out there are actually making things harder than they need to be when it comes to their processes and other business-related tasks, and you could be too if you’re not aware of what you’re not doing. To help you out, here’s a list of the things an efficient business must do: (more…)

  • Important tips for combining travel and business

    Important tips for combining travel and business

    More and more people are seeing the travel opportunities that come with business, or the business opportunities that come with travel for that matter. If you’re tired of being tethered to your office desk, why not get out there and do business as you travel? It could change your life and help you to make more money than ever before. If you do decide to do that, it’s important to plan carefully and understand what’s necessary to make a success of it. The tips below will help you. (more…)

  • Making Your Brand Instantly Recognisable

    So much planning goes into every small business venture. In fact, the startup process is generally considered the most difficult part of any business person’s life. After all, once you’ve got this step out of the way, you merely have to maintain your company and ensure that you deliver new goods to the market on a relatively regular basis. (more…)

  • A Big Brand Tour of the US

    America is widely recognised as being the business capital of the world and the creator of some of the biggest brands on the planet. And if you were to trace these brands to where they first started, you would find yourself in some fascinating travel destinations. So, that is exactly what we have decided to do in this article! (more…)

  • The 4 Pillars of a perfect career

    It’s impossible to point out one career and label it as the perfect career. We’ve all got different likes and interests, which ultimately means we want to pursue different careers. While one line of work may seem like absolute hell for some, it’s a dream for others. Saying that, how do you classify something as a good or perfect career choice? Obviously, it all depends on the individual, but I’ve found there are a few things all good careers have in common. I call these the pillars of a perfect career – catchy, right? Essentially, these pillars will hold your career up and keep you stable at all times. If you find a job that ticks all the right boxes, then you know you’ve found the best career for you. What are the pillars? Patience, patience, you’ll learn about them all in the points down below. (more…)

  • A Convertkit, Clickfunnels AND Teachable alternative that’s modern and affordable

    Podia Review: A Convertkit, Clickfunnels AND Teachable alternative that’s modern and affordable

    What if I told you that this software that I’ve just done a review on could replace at least 4 other programs?
    What if that new software could combine your digital download delivery, the platform you sell your courses, ebooks and digital products on, your membership site and your email marketing? It’s time for a Podia review! You’d say wow, won’t you?
    That’s what this new software does, I recently discovered it and I’m in shock. 
    Here’s the Podia review you’ve been waiting for.

    You can easily customize it to your own site, as it’s 100% white-labeled. No more ugly forwards and change of design. Payments go straight to the creator’s (that’s you!) PayPal or Stripe account, with no transaction fees. That means a seamless course/membership site/content delivery and email marketing strategy. And all under 1 digital storefront. How nice. It’s less than $35 a month, can you believe it?

    It can replace Gumroad, Thinkific, Teachable, Convertkit, Udemy, AND Clickfunnels. You’ll save at least $100 a month if you use all.