So much planning goes into every small business venture. In fact, the startup process is generally considered the most difficult part of any business person’s life. After all, once you’ve got this step out of the way, you merely have to maintain your company and ensure that you deliver new goods to the market on a relatively regular basis. So, why is starting up so time-consuming? Well not only do you have to get your ideas together, but you have the gargantuan task of branding your company. Branding is the marketing practice of ensuring that people can easily differentiate your business and its products from the others on the market. Branding is what sells and ensures that you get the profit rather than your competitors. Let’s take something as simple as trainers as an example. There are hundreds and thousands of trainer designs out there on the market. Many are surprisingly similar. But what makes someone pay a hundred dollars or so more for a pair of Nike trainers as opposed to another pair? Branding. That little tick on the side as opposed to a pair of unbranded trainers. Branding gives your goods value. It differentiates your products, makes your goods more desirable, assures quality, and consequently allows you to charge more. So, how do you go about making your brand easily recognisable? Read on to find out.

A Logo

The main indicator of a brand is its logo. This is a unique graphic that is trademarked and associated with your company. Now, there’s a lot of pressure on making a good logo. It has to tick a large number of boxes. So you should take time in designing it and make sure that it is fit for purpose, as you want it to last for the duration of your company’s career. The most important thing to bear in mind when creating a logo is simplicity. If it’s too complex, your audience will be overwhelmed. The more simple it is, the smaller it can be printed while looking effective too. This is important, as you may want it printed on smaller goods. To make things simple for yourself, consider using the best online logo generator.

An Aesthetic

In order to craft a brand image, you need a brand aesthetic. This means that you can’t necessarily just add your logo to any old product. You need your products to have a certain look to them. A certain aesthetic that people see and automatically associate with your business. Choose a particular colour scheme that you want to run with and incorporate it into all of your wares or packaging. Choose a font that you want to be associated with and use that too. Whatever you choose, just remember that consistency is key! Branding your business is by no means an easy task. But it’s a necessary step in differentiating yourself from marketplace competitors and building up a loyal following. So, take your time with it and make sure that you’re happy with it before launching!

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