Month: February 2019

  • These hacks will help you to save for a mortgage so much faster

    These hacks will help you to save for a mortgage so much faster

    Saving for a mortgage can be one of the most exciting yet difficult things you ever have to do. If you want to call yourself a homeowner one day and have your very own pad to show off to friends and family, then you should probably start saving sooner rather than later. You not only need the money to cover your mortgage, you’re probably going to want money for emergencies, as well as unexpected fees, solicitor/lawyer fees, and more. It’s always better to have way more money saved up than you think you need so you can get through your first few months without a hitch. This means getting serious and aggressive about your saving habits, as well as changing your lifestyle somewhat. Let’s take a look at the hacks that will help you to save for a mortgage so much faster: (more…)

  • What if you can't wait to give up your day job to blog? (ACTION PLAN!)

    What if you can’t wait to give up your day job to blog? (ACTION PLAN!)

    From the outside, blogging can seem like a fast way to make a lot of money. There are bloggers out there who post about how they make 10k a month and ways you can do the same. Read everything about making money and building a great blog in my Ultimate Guide to Blogging. But, even when you apply their principles, you find that you’re nowhere near those earning stats. Hence why many budding bloggers keep their day jobs for at least a year or two.

    The trouble is that keeping up with a full-time career and a time-consuming hustle can get stressful. Not to mention that you probably started this because you hate your day job. As such, the idea of sticking at it for even another six months may drive you wild. And, it may not be necessary after all.

    I’m not going to lie; the idea of making 10k a month straight off the bat, if at all, is unrealistic. But, that’s not to say you can’t give up the day job sooner than you think. All you need to do is put the following plans in place to make it happen.

  • Recurring income affiliate programs and the highest paying affiliate programs

    Affiliate marketing is one of the ways you can earn money as a blogger and is great if you’re looking for ways how to make money as a blogger beginner. I also wrote about it in my Ultimate Guide To Blogging with a lot more information, but here are the affiliate basics and highest paying affiliate programs.

    Because implementing the links correctly and using the right affiliate recurring affiliate programs for bloggers is crucial information if you want to earn money with affiliate marketing

    I personally earn quite a large percentage of income with affiliate links, and this blogger earns over 1 million each year by implementing her strategies on her blog (read more about the strategies here). 

  • Here’s how to have fuller pockets at the end of the month

    Here’s how to have fuller pockets at the end of the month

    It seems that in the US many people earning a good living still run out of money by the end of the month and are waiting for their next paycheck. It is a common problem, but it seems that one issue that Americans have is that they love to eat out. Percentage-wise, lower paid workers spend as much on eating out as higher earners, and stopping doing this quite so often is just one way of saving some money. (more…)

  • Effective Pain Management Techniques

    Effective Pain Management Techniques

    As we get older, we can begin to worry about our long-term health. As the digits increase, we can succumb to minor health problems. When you get out of bed, we can feel a little bit more pain than normal, and that temptation to reach for the painkillers becomes more and more.

    But this is a steady slope, because the more you numb the pain with over-the-counter medication, the more you rely on this. It’s far better for your health to learn how to manage your pain with a swift combination of old-fashioned and new techniques. Also make sure you check out list with items for people with Chronic Pain, as there are a lot of handy items you must need!  (more…)

  • The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Trip Of A Lifetime

    The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Trip Of A Lifetime

    It doesn’t matter whether you are eighteen and fresh out of school ready to take a gap year or whether you are in your mid thirties, bored in your job and looking for a new adventure, it is never the wrong time to consider a trip of a lifetime. Travelling is one of life’s most enriching experiences. To be able to immerse yourself in a new culture, meet new people and see new vistas is incredible. We are fortunate to even be able to consider travelling to distant shores to see the world.

    Planning a trip of a lifetime can seem like an arduous and complex task. And it is. However, if you are organised, determined and keen to explore the planet, you can prepare for your travels and have a more enjoyable and meaningful trip whilst you are overseas. Wanderlust is a fantastic feeling; you just need to make sure you have the capability to act upon it. (more…)

  • How your home affects your health

    How your home affects your health

    When we think of our homes, we think about the relaxation and memories they provide, the comfort and reprieve they offer from the outside world. Our homes, however, affect us in other ways, too: they influence our health. Because it’s not something that many of us think about all that often, we’re often surprised to learn that our property isn’t as good for us as we first imagined. Below, we take a look at a few of the ways your property can have a negative impact on how we feel, and what you can do about it. (more…)

  • Feeling Down And Out? Time To Remaster Your Bedroom

    Feeling Down And Out? Time To Remaster Your Bedroom

    Do you constantly feel low on energy and generally depleted? There can be a number of causes for this type of issue. But the most common problem is usually the bedroom. It’s possible that your bedroom isn’t set up for a solid night of sleep. At this point you might say: wait a minute, I get a solid eight hours? But do you because a good night of rest doesn’t simply mean a night of sleep. You might fall asleep, but you could be restless all through the night. You might be tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position. You might not even reach the deepest form of sleep and if that’s the case, you’ll wake up randomly through the night. If this is starting to sound all too familiar, then it’s time to think about changing your bedroom for the right level of rest. (more…)