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  • Things To Consider When Choosing A Database Management System

    Things To Consider When Choosing A Database Management System

    Many businesses will make use of databases on a daily basis and once you’re confident with combining information and data sources you will most likely be looking to source a Database Management System. It can be complex and will often involve several different teams and employees throughout a company.

    It’s important to make sure that any system you use is going to be compatible and be able to grow with your business so at times it will be necessary to use tools such as a database schema compare tool to make sure you’re on the right track. Have a look below at some of the main points for you to consider when making your decision: 


    It’s important to consider just how user-friendly the system will be for any staff that will need to access it. These will include people such as the IT department, the Marketing team, and Database Developers. Have a look at how this system is going to suit each of the departments that will be using it. If there is going to be problems maybe it’s not the right one for you. 

    Visualization & Reporting

    When making your choice have a think about how you want to see the data presented. You should review how easy the information you want is accessed and viewed in order to find the best-suited system for you. Think about how the information is going to be seen by staff members as you don’t want to have to transcribe information that they require. 


    This is one of the most important aspects to consider. How safe is your data? You want to make sure that any data you’re storing is secure and that any system you choose to use follows strict regulations when it comes to the protection of information stored


    It is essential that you make sure that any system you choose to use meets the requirements f our business. You should most commonly need functions such as automation, segmentation, modeling, filters and result visualization. 

    Support & Development

    You should think about the level of support that you are going to receive from any database management system you’re going to use. What hours are the support available and is it offered via email, phone or another method? It’s critical to make sure there is a development plan too, this ensures that it will grow with your business and your needs. Make sure you are going to have the latest upgrades provide as part of the service as this can become costly if you won’t. 


    How simple is it going to be to integrate a new database management system to your other Softwares? Think about areas like your email marketing platform. It may be that there is a direct integration available but at times it can be more complex and definitely something that should be considered as important. 

    Choosing a database management system that works for your business is essential and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hopefully, this small guide will help you to make a decision right for your business. Are there any other considerations that should be included in this list? Please share them in the comments section below. 

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  • To Change Your Career, All You Need Is An Internet Connection

    To Change Your Career, All You Need Is An Internet Connection

    We all have those moments where we hate our jobs, and what they require us to do. However, most of us can get over those moments in just a couple of days! We sort through our grievance, and we move on, to get back to the work we do generally enjoy doing. 

    And yet, there’s some of us who aren’t able to move on in those moments – the job we’re doing is just not right for us anymore! We want something different, and something more, and maybe even go back to school. And so, it’s time to do a bit of researching, to make sure you’re going about your career change right, and that there’s no looking back. 

    And if you have an internet connection, that’s steady and reliable, you’re on your way to a winner. So here’s how to get started with just the WIFI working in the background. 

    Get Networking on Social Media

    Networking is the first thing to do if you want to change your career path, especially if it’s a sudden move. After all, there’s a lot of people out there, working in the professional roles you’d love to be a part of, and getting to know them is definitely the way up. 

    Sign up to sites like LinkedIn, and even make your own Facebook Page if need be – if you want to offer a service, bringing traction to it via social media is best. 

    Diversify Your Online Course Tastes

    There’s a lot of courses to be found online, and going after at least 3 or 4 different subjects will make sure you find the course that’s absolutely suited to you. If you want to quit your job, and have no idea about what to do next, it’s a great first step to gaining a qualification you can put to good use. 

    So, if you have no idea where to start off in your search, don’t worry too much. There’s a lot of websites out there that’ll tell you what course hosting platforms offer the best quality, and there’s always online university to keep in mind as well. Even if you’re thinking about some wildlife and conservation biology courses, there’s going to be an online module to dedicate yourself to. Wouldn’t that be easy enough? 

    Try to Digitize Your Job

    Watching where the money goes is key to making a successful career change – after all, no longer do we live in a pen and paper world, as these days, most things can be found in the world of technology. 

    For example, if you’re a writer, you’re going to want to focus your efforts on websites and blogs, rather than magazines or books. People pay a lot more for online content than they do anything you can hold in your hands, as the online world reaches quite a few more people! Research the content marketing/freelance writing world, and try to discover the trends in the niches you’re interested in. 

    Research Potential Options

    When you’re looking to make a career change, it’s vital that you do your research about the industry or role that you want to move into. After all, you’ll want to make sure it’s right for you before you take the great leap and change your job.

    Whilst job hunting online, make a list of key questions to ask yourself about each position you see advertised. These can be anything from if the wage is right, to what responsibilities you are willing to take on. Remember that many companies advertise pay at different scales, so make sure to use a pay calculator to get an accurate comparison between hourly and annual wages.

    So, ready to feel job satisfaction again? 

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  • 3 Mental Models That Might Bring You More In Life

    3 Mental Models That Might Bring You More In Life

    If you are always on the lookout for ways in which you can improve your life and yourself, then there are many ways in which you can approach this. No matter how far you may have come in your development so far, you will find that there are plenty of things you can do to bring about more, and that is what we are going to look at in this article. Specifically, we are going to focus on some of the mental models that you may adopt which can often help to bring you much more in life. These are essentially just ways of thinking or of approaching reality which can improve your life and how you deal with things along the way, and they can be a powerful means of improving your life for good. Let’s take a look at what they are.


    One of the hardest things to do when you are feeling down is to try and force yourself to feel better. And yet, if you can make it so that you find a way to feel much more positive about things in general, you will find that this brings about many changes which you would definitely consider to be worthwhile. It’s not so much about pretending to be positive as it is about actually finding a good reason to be so, which basically just means that you need to work out what the silver lining is in any situation. Being able to do that will at least make you much less worried about what it going to happen in your life, and will give you the ability to really be able to master how you are feeling in any given moment, especially the worrisome ones.

    Law Of Attraction

    This is somewhat related to positivity, but is distinct in the way that it operates. How much of a law it is is not really as relevant as the way in which it affects your psychology. What it does there can be very useful towards helping you to get much more out of life. With the law of attraction, you are basically just ensuring that you are directing yourself in such a way that you are more likely to bring about the things you want, and repel the things you don’t want. It works on a principle of ‘like attracts like’, and so the goal is to think about the things that you want to manifest in your life so much that you do so. It’s certainly worth giving it a go if you want to try and bring about more good things in life.


    Few things are more important than being truly and fully compassionate towards other beings, and this is something that you should absolutely make sure you are doing as much as you possibly can. When you are compassionate towards others it has a way of reflecting back on you, and you have much more good come back to you as well. That is definitely something that you should try doing as much as possible in your life.

  • Making Social Media Management Easy

    Making Social Media Management Easy

    Social media is a crucial component for many businesses today. You might use social media accounts for your business to advertise products and even make sales. You might share content from your website and other relevant information. You might use it to engage with your audience and reach a wider market. Your social media accounts might be used primarily to pass on information and to communicate. Some companies even use their social media feeds to have some fun, and to show the people behind the business. There’s certainly no right way to do it, and what works for one company might not for yours. 

    But, however you do it, it can be complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating. Social media is a wonderful thing, but you have to be careful. You need to watch what you say, as it’s very easy to offend someone and go viral for the wrong reasons. It can feel as though updating your accounts takes up all of your time and like you can’t please everyone. You might also feel like you need to be online all of the time, to communicate when people need you. So, how do you make things less complicated? Giving you a chance to get your social media strategy right, without it taking over other areas of your business, or eating into time that is better spent elsewhere. 

    Focus Your Energies

    There are countless social media platforms out there. All targeting different audiences, being primarily used by different demographics for various reasons. These platforms all offer different things, as well as a lot of the same things. If you tried to have a presence on all of them, you would never have the time to do anything else. So, don’t. Think about your target audience and where they are likely to spend their time online. Use social media listening to monitor your users and the data. Then, make a decision. Where is your time best spent? What social media platforms is it worth making an effort on? You can always experiment on different sites, using analytics to see what works before deciding where to commit. But, when you do commit, forget the others. 

    Use Scheduling Tools

    Social media scheduling tools can save you time, help you to be online more than you actually are, improve engagement, and help you to increase business productivity. Alternatively, you could hire a social media manager to take care of it all for you, freeing up your time to spend elsewhere. 

    Commit to a Schedule

    Social media is addictive. It’s why it’s great for business. But, let it take up too much of your time, and it’s bad for business. Using tools can help, but it’s still easy to feel like you need to do more or to get carried away with your accounts. Commit to how much time you want to spend on your social media campaigns and force yourself to stick to it. 

    Keep Things Simple

    Often the best social media campaigns are the simple ones. Your customers want to engage with real people. They want to learn more about you, and they want to feel as though you are listening to them. You don’t need massive campaigns with huge budgets to do this. Keep things simple. You’ll save time and gain customer trust and loyalty. 

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  • Probiotics: What Are They And How Can They Improve Your Health?

    Probiotics: What Are They And How Can They Improve Your Health?

    You’ve probably heard the term probiotics before, but you might not know what they are or whether they’re actually good for you. Probiotics are bacteria that can be found in a lot of fermented foods and they help to maintain a healthy balance in your gut. Recent studies into gut health have found that it actually has a big knock on effect on your overall physical and mental health, so looking after your gut is important. If you add probiotics to your diet, they can help to improve your health in these different ways. 

    Improved Digestion 

    A lot of people experience digestive issues and that’s often down to the amount of processed foods that are in our diet. The additives in processed foods can upset the balance of bacteria in your gut and lead to digestive issues. Stress is another big contributor because that can upset your gut as well. If you’re experiencing a lot of digestive issues and you’re worried about your gut health, you should consider getting some probiotic supplements from a company like Hundred and add them to your diet. Trying to remove some of the processed foods from your diet and replace them with probiotic rich foods like yoghurt or sourdough bread will be a big help as well. 

    Treating Mental Health Issues 

    Finding ways to combat mental health issues is so important right now because there are so many people struggling. A lot of new studies have found a strong link between gut health and mental health. Poor mental health can impact your gut but it goes both ways and poor gut health can make mental health issues more severe. Adding probiotics to your diet isn’t going to tackle mental health issues entirely and you need to seek other treatments but it can help. 

    Improved Heart Health 

    Heart health is a big deal for a lot of us, especially if you’re not active. People that work in an office job, for example, don’t move around a lot and that means that they might not have a healthy heart when they get older. There are other things that you can do like desk exercises to stay healthy, but probiotics could also help to keep your heart healthy. It’s not a replacement for regular exercise but probiotics have been shown to break down cholesterol and improve your heart health. 

    Stronger Immune System 

    If you get sick a lot, it’s probably because you have a weak immune system that doesn’t fight illnesses very effectively. There are quite a few ways to boost your immune system but your diet is one of the best. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is important because it provides your body with all of the right nutrients, but probiotics also have a big role to play. Probiotics can promote the production of antibodies that help to fight off diseases so you’re less likely to get sick. 

    There is still a lot of research going into probiotics but gut health is very important and they can really help you with it. 

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  • 8 Benefits Of Pursuing A Master's Degree

    8 Benefits Of Pursuing A Master’s Degree

    The decisions that we make about our education, will naturally affect both our personal and professional development. Depending on the individual, some choose their career path based on pure passion, for others its financial gain and stability. Most of us probably sit somewhere in between. Wherever you fall on the scale, you will likely welcome the opportunity to advance professionally and personally both. If you are considering studying a master’s degree, yet perhaps are feeling unsure, here are some benefits which may help you to arrive at a decision. 

    Lifelong learning 

     We can define lifelong learning as the seeking out of formal and informal learning opportunities throughout life. The aim is to be continuously developing skills and knowledge, to advance work-life and to gain personal fulfilment. Continuing to learn new things throughout life far enriches our minds and slows cognitive ageing as we get older. As well as this, acquiring new knowledge helps us to improve our confidence, extend our social circles and develop our intelligence. Due to this, lifelong learning is a very positive step for our mental health and a great act of self-care. According to one study via Pew Research Centre, 73% of American adults consider themselves to be lifelong learners. Of the adults who pursue professional learning in some form, 65% claimed it to have expanded their professional network. 

    If you choose to take a master’s degree, you are engaging in this community of lifelong learners and will be on the path of continuing to grow, develop and enhance your life. For development outside your career, you can simply pursue knowledge via a wide range of books, documentaries, attending talks or events. 

    Financial benefits 

     Generally speaking, the more qualified that we become, the more likely it is that we can see our pay scales rise. Though materialistic, higher earnings can give us more freedom and vastly improve our quality of life. If we look at the predicted salaries for master’s degree graduates in 2019; the field of engineering has a starting salary of $82, 589 and computer science has a starting salary of $81,466. With such desirable financial gain on the cards, pursuing a master’s could be an attractive option for many. Depending on your chosen field, you can research the financial potential and compare it with your current earnings. 

     Improve your skills at work

     If you choose to study a subject that complements your career so far, you’ll be ensuring that you are gaining new and specialised knowledge. Enhancing your levels of expertise could increase your chances of getting a promotion at work. As well as this, expanding your knowledge within your field will mean that you are performing better and thus gaining more job satisfaction. If you invest and take pride in your career, then you will be far enhancing your overall quality of life. It’s easy to become comfortable in our roles, yet we don’t want to risk becoming stagnant or unfulfilled. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we take control of our career development instead of waiting around for that knowledge, inspiration or promotion. 


     By studying a master’s degree, you will be giving yourself ample networking opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. These may come in the form of fellow students who might like to collaborate on related projects outside of the course. You will also have the opportunity to forge connections with course leaders who are amidst the height of their own careers. Professionals like these may be able to offer you advice, support and opportunities. Even if you study your master’s online, thanks to so many advances in technology, you will still be able to network within a community of course leaders and fellow students. 

     Norwich University have a range of online study options should you think that this path might be the right one for you. Make certain that you spend enough time researching a particular course in detail so that you know exactly what to expect and remain happy with your investment. 

    Career Change 

     Many people, unfortunately, do not enjoy their careers. Sometimes, we make choices which we believe were correct at the time, yet our feelings change. When you pursue a master’s degree, you do not have to choose the same field as your bachelor’s degree, nor as your current career. You will have the option to try something unrelated and new so long as you can prove that you have a little knowledge, skill and determination to back it up. 

    When you are spending each day putting so much time into your career, you’ll want to be doing something that you can really enjoy. If you feel stuck in a rut and think you could benefit from trying something new, perhaps a master’s could be something that could inspire you and revitalise your ambitions. If you regret your bachelors choice, don’t make the same mistake. You can start by brainstorming your strengths and areas of interest to help you decide on the right course.

    Discovering a passion 

      Pursuing a master’s can often mean specialisation in a particular subject; doing so may mean that you find yourself discovering a new passion within your field. When we are doing the same role for a long while, it’s easy to become bored and uninspired even if we love our jobs. Taking a master’s can allow you to focus on a niche area of your industry, which you previously knew little about. As a result, you’ll gain fresh enthusiasm. You could return to your sector with so much more to offer and have increased your job satisfaction by miles! 


    Another key benefit of a master’s degree is flexibility. There are so many options to study part-time and at your own pace. When you have so many commitments between your work, family and social life, you won’t want an inconvenient study option.

    Flexible study means that you can take the stress out of the commitment and allow your learning to be catered to your life and schedule. If you go for online study options, you will also be taking away the commute. No travel time is great because then you are not restricting yourself to merely the available courses in your local area. You can study from the comfort of your own home and avoid disrupting your daily routine too much. 

    Advancing further 

     You’ll know that the highest level degrees are doctoral degree programs (also known as PhD programs). While some will accept those with a bachelor’s degree, more often you will need to hold a master’s degree to gain admittance. If you are keen to push yourself to the highest level with your education, this is the path that you will likely want to take. Many people are unsure of how far they wish to take their academic journey in the beginning, yet once they start to discover their passions, they realise that the sky’s the limit! It might be worth researching whether you have the option of going straight to a PhD program from your bachelor’s depending on your desired course and current situation.

     Making decisions about our careers and education can often be tough. No one wants to end up dissatisfied or on the wrong path, so it’s essential to determine precisely what it is that you want. If you begin by writing down your short-term and long-term goals, this could help you to decide the best choices for you. If you are in need of a career change, focus on the strengths that you could transfer to a new industry. 

     The decisions that we make about our education, will naturally affect both our personal and professional development. Depending on the individual, some choose their career path based on pure passion, for others its financial gain and stability. Most of us probably sit somewhere in between. Wherever you fall on the scale, you will likely welcome the opportunity to advance professionally and personally both. If you are considering studying a master’s degree, yet perhaps are feeling unsure, here are some benefits which may help you to arrive at a decision. 

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  • So, You Think You Can Be A Restaurateur?

    How to become a restaurateur

    Just because you are handy in the kitchen, can rustle up a souffle at a moment’s notice and you know your cauliflower from your kale, doesn’t mean that you have what it takes to turn your passion into a career. Owning your own eatery is as much about business acumen as it is about the food. Yes, you need to be talented in the culinary sense, and know where you can get your hands on something like a 20 pan rack, as well as all the other equipment you may need to run a restaurant, but you also need to know how to market your brand, how to encourage diners into your restaurant, and how to make your food the new gastronomic delight to sample. Take a look at these aspects of restauratership that you need to consider if you want to know how to become a restaurateur.

  • How To Prepare For Your Master's Degree

    How To Prepare For Your Master’s Degree

    If you’re starting your master’s degree soon it’s important you’re using the summer break as your chance to prepare. With just a few short months before classes start, you need to be sure you have everything you need and that you’re as prepared as you can be. Whether you’re studying on campus or you’re taking an online master’s, preparation is key when it comes to success. With that in mind, here are a number of tips and tricks to help you prepare for your new adventure: 

  • What Does Your Brand Have That Others Don't?

    What Does Your Brand Have That Others Don’t?

    Branding is a crucial part of building a successful business. You probably know this already, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy with your current brand. Still, what does it take to make a brand which really has a big effect on the market?

  • 10 Different ways to be smart with your money

    10 Different ways to be smart with your money

    Money makes the world go round. As much as you may dislike the idea, it’s true. Without money, you can’t buy food or have anywhere to live. You can certainly enjoy yourself without spending money, but you know that you tend to have a much better time when money is involved – like going on vacation. And because we need all need money for just about everything in life, it’s a really great idea to start being smart with it. From how you think about money to how you spend it, you’re likely to find that as you become more conscious of your money, getting smart with it feels much simpler too. (more…)

  • Tattoo You

    Tattoo You: Everything About Getting A Tattoo

    You’ve been thinking about it for some time and though the pain has put you off a little you’ve decided: this is it. It’s time for a tattoo.

    Whether full sleeve, entire back or an unobtrusive wrist design, choosing a tattoo should be a personal and informed choice and one that makes you smile every time you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror or when you roll up your sleeves.

    But how do you make that choice and find something that you won’t regret having adorned on your skin forever more. We talk you through the first time tattoo and how to get your dreams in ink.