The last few years my bullet journal has been my lifesaver. I journal when I’m alone drinking coffee in a cafe.

I bullet journal when I travel. I bullet journal when I need to sort my thought or when I feel inspired.

It’s SO amazing and it includes my whole life planning from future goals to daily action plans.

I know it’s not for everyone but when you’re hooked, you’re hooked.

I’m part of a few bullet journal (short: bujo) communities and groups and we’re all OBSESSED.

When someone finds a new journal or pen we all need to try, we run to the stores immediately.

When there’s a new layout we love we all try it out immediately.

So it’s a good idea to make the creative person in your life happy with their first bullet journal set or gift the bullet journaler in your life any of the following suggestions, we can ALWAYS use more props to bujo!

If you’re a lazy gifter, scroll down for a few complete bullet journal sets including everything for under $40!  

Bullet Journal Gift Guide

1. Dotted notebook // Ain’t no bullet journal without the dotted journal! This is the best gift you can give a bullet journaler because it’s what we all need at some time. Some often-used bullet journal brands are Leuchtturm and Midori. I personally use the Moleskine dotted journal, because all my favorite notebooks are Moleskine, but the paper isn’t that thick (not ‘no bleed’ proof).

Just make sure the paper is thick enough so it doesn’t affect the pens we use. There are many different sorts of bullet journals but these ones are the most used by bullet journalers in the world so you can’t go wrong!

2. Fineliners // Using a normal ballpoint pen is not the same in a bujo, so make sure you gift a nice set of fine lines with the journal. We (bullet journalers) like to use different sizes so have a look at this beautiful set for example. I personally always use the Stabilo point 88 (fine 0,4) and Stabilo pen 68.

3. A multi-pack of highlighters // As a bullet journaler you can’t just use any highlighter and these are highly praised in the bullet journal community. I personally use Stabilo boss (it’s important that you get the right kind of colors!)

4. Watercolor brush pens // I absolutely love my brush pens and I bet the receiver of the gift will too. I find these last the longest (other brands may ‘dry up’ soon)

5. Calligraphy gift set // If you’re looking for a thing that you can perfectly gift without giving any of the other suggestions with it, it’s a high-quality calligraphy set like this one. Staedtler is a well-known and praised brand in the bu-jo community so you can’t go wrong!

6. Stencils and rulers // I personally don’t use stencils but I know that a lot of bujo’ers do and for less than $6 it’s worth including it in your bujo gift package. I need my small ruler to bring with me everywhere I go so I can journal on the go, and I like to use a clear acrylic ruler with a good scratch resistance.

7. Bujo books for the beginners // If you’re gifting bullet journals to newbies, it might be a good idea to gift them a ‘how to’ book with the gifts, because in the beginning, it can be confusing as bullet journaling is different than ‘normal’ journaling. Therefore there are gift sets that include a notebook and a how-to book or books that explain the best bullet journal practices like Dot Journaling―A Practical Guide: How to Start and Keep the Planner, To-Do List, and Diary That’ll Actually Help You Get Your Life Together.

8. Flow magazine // This magazine from the Netherlands was so successful, they now have international editions in English. The magazine focusses on things all bullet journalers love: beautiful paper, lists, inspiring stories, and art and publish book specials like the Book for Paper Lovers.

9. Washi tape // Ohh I love washi tape for everything but I love it in my bujo to divide or beautify a page. It’s very important that you gift the original, high-quality masking tape from Japan, as other tape’s quality is often very low and not well sticky. There are endless variations of tape and most bujo’ers would be happy with everything colorful, seasonal (like these Christmas or Halloween MT tapes) or happy tapes with flowers or happy patterns.

You can buy them here, or make sure you purchase tape that’s around $3-$5 per roll and has the word ‘mt’ written within the roll to guarantee the quality.

Looking for an easy gift set that includes everything? 

Check out this gift set that includes a black leather dot journal, fineliners and stencils or this gift set that includes a journal, stencils and washi tape for under $40 or this set including a notebook, fineliners and wash tape rolls for under $30.

I hope you’ll make someone very happy with the gifts, and if you need more inspiration, have a look at my other gift guides (there’s something for everyone!)

Bullet journal gift guide for creatives and journaling gifts


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