• Weird Health Tips That Really Work

    When it comes to staying healthy we all know we should eat our veggies, drink plenty of water and exercise as often as we are able – it’s just common sense. However, there is more to health than just the basics and a few more uncommon practices that may sound weird at first, but that really work to keep you healthy…


  • 5 “Healthy” Habits That Are Actually Bad for You

    5 “Healthy” Habits That Are Actually Bad for You

    The vast majority of people try and follow a healthy lifestyle, but it isn’t always as simple as it seems. With so much conflicting advice out there, you could be incorporating habits into your daily routine that are actually bad for your health. To prevent this from happening, take a look at some of the most common “healthy” habits that aren’t quite so healthy… (more…)

  • The Importance Of Technology In Healthcare

    The Importance Of Technology In Healthcare

    While the healthcare industry benefits from technological advancements in many ways, including treatments, it’s still relatively behind in using modern technology to improve processes and make the most of the tools that other industries have been taken advantage of for decades.

    Like other areas that are data-sensitive, including law, there has always been a risk and nervousness around using tech for record-keeping and other critical business functions. But as technology has developed so significantly over the years, isn’t it time to catch up? From large hospitals to independent dental practice, it’s important to make the most of tech in healthcare. (more…)

  • Taking Care Of Your Health During The Summer

    Taking Care Of Your Health During The Summer

    We all know what it feels like to go through a long cold winter, and coming out the other end of it it feels as though it lasts longer than it actually does. Some of us have to deal with seasonal affective disorder and can feel quite gloomy during the colder and darker months. But before long the Sunshine arrives, and we can start thinking about enjoying ourselves outdoors more often. Getting plenty of sunshine and light in our lives is good for our mood and our health, but there are some things we need to consider when it comes to the summertime, and how to look After our health when the weather gets warmer. (more…)

  • Struggling To Sleep Well? Here’s What To Do To Drift Off More Easily!

    Struggling To Sleep Well? Here’s What To Do To Drift Off More Easily!

    Have you found that recently you’ve been struggling to sleep? If the answer is yes, don’t worry because you’re not alone – struggling to get a good night’s sleep is a very common issue. The problem is, of course, that without getting enough sleep, both your emotional and physical health can be impacted. 

    Getting enough sleep – around eight hours a night on average – can help to put you in a happier mood, boost productivity, reduce feelings of stress, and enhance your general health and wellbeing. After getting enough sleep, you tend to feel far more content and are able to function more easily. However, if you’re not getting enough sleep, then all these things can be negatively impacted. 

    The question is, of course: what is the secret to actually getting a good night’s sleep? Below is a guide to a number of steps that you can take to improve your chances of getting a better night’s sleep.  (more…)

  • 3 Daily Habits That Could Damage Your Hearing

    3 Daily Habits That Could Damage Your Hearing

    Hearing loss is a health issue that a lot of us will experience at some point in our lives. We tend to see it as a natural part of aging, and a lot of people underestimate the impact that it can have on a person’s life. When you are unable to hear people around you, it makes social situations incredibly difficult and it can lead to social isolation, which increases the risk of developing mental health conditions. That’s why it is so important that you protect your hearing for as long as possible and seek treatment if you do experience problems. 

    Hearing loss is a natural part of aging and, in some cases, it cannot be avoided. However, there are a lot of simple habits that do damage to your ears and make you far more likely to experience hearing loss. If you can change your lifestyle now, you can hopefully avoid severe hearing loss in the future. These are the daily habits that could be damaging your ear health.  (more…)

  • Health In The Home: Making Your Home Work For Your Body

    Health In The Home: Making Your Home Work For Your Body

    Modern homes are built to be comfortable, long-lasting, and nice and affordable. This makes them great for most people, providing everything they need to live a relatively easy life, at least when compared to people of the past. Of course, though, most homes fall short in at least a couple of different areas, and keeping you healthy is usually one of them.

    There are a huge range of different areas around you home which can impact your health. To give you an idea of how far this can reach, this post will be exploring each of the unhealthy parts of your home, giving you tips which will make it far easier to start making changes in the right direction. Making your home work for your body shouldn’t have to be too hard. (more…)

  • Coming Up With a Self-Care Routine

    Coming Up With a Self-Care Routine

    Nowadays, it’s easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of day to day life. We tend to let our entire lives revolve around our hectic work schedules, attempts to fit in seeing our friends and family, falling behind and catching up on household chores and all sorts of other tasks that we feel like we have no choice but to complete. But why not take a step back from all of this pressure and mayhem? It’s absolutely essential that you practice a little self care from time to time. This will boost your overall health and wellbeing, giving your body a chance to heal and grow and your mind a chance to relax. Never underestimate its importance and do your utmost to fit it into your schedule! Now, the type of self care routine that will best suit you will depend entirely on you, your needs and your preferences, as well as your lifestyle. If you’re struggling for ideas, here are a few areas you might want to focus on to get the most from your self-care routine. (more…)

  • Why You Keep Getting Dizzy

    Spin around ten times in a circle and stop still. No, don’t sway, stand still. You can’t do it – because you’re dizzy. Spinning around in circles makes you giddy, but it’s not the only reason you are swaying on the spot. Dizziness is a symptom that is niggly, annoying and potentially dangerous. You could blame dizziness on lack of sleep, on staring at a screen, on not enough food – the reasons are many, and yet when the dizziness is becoming your new normal, you need help! (more…)