Reading is one of the most enjoyable activities in life. But, if you’re anything like me, you read no more than one book a month because you’re busy, busy, busy. I find it easier to make something I love a priority when I can do it for work, so I did some research on how to get paid to read! There are websites that pay people to read books! You can also get paid to join book clubs or become a reviewer. If you’re looking for more ideas to make money, also read the Ultimate Guide to Finance and 50+ ways to make an income online. If you love literature and want an opportunity to earn some extra cash in your spare time — read on!

How to get paid to read books

Do you love to read? You might be surprised to know that there are many ways to get paid for reading books. That’s right, it’s possible to make money while indulging in your favorite pastime. There are two ways most people make money reading books, but I have added a few more options so read further! Reviewing books is the classic way of getting paid to read books online by reading and reviewing them. You can do this if you have the time, but it’s important that you know how to write reviews well so that people will want to read them.

Reviews are basically like mini-essays about a book, so if you’re not good at writing essays or other written work (or even if you are), then this isn’t for you! Another way is translating books. If translating is something that interests you more than reviewing does—or if both sound equally appealing—then translation might be right up your alley! Translators don’t get paid much per word when they translate into their native language because they’re doing it primarily for fun or practice purposes (i.e., improving their skills), but sometimes they’ll get paid more if they translate into English or another language with fewer speakers worldwide than their own native tongue has available users around the world who need translations done quickly before deadlines pass them by entirely.

In this article, we’ll go over all the ways you can make money reading books online and offline and how you can use them to boost your income or start a new career.

Get paid to read books online

Let’s start with reading in general. You may think that reading is “just something you do,” but it’s actually work that you don’t get paid for haha! When you read and study, your brain is doing all of those things on its own time and at its own pace. The more you read, the better your brain gets at processing information quickly and efficiently—and the higher quality of life this leads to for everyone involved!

As if that weren’t enough incentive already (because who doesn’t want a higher quality of life?), it turns out that reading has been shown to improve concentration skills as well as memory capacity by exercising both sides of the brain simultaneously: one side processes what’s happening right now while another processes material from earlier chapters or paragraphs. This means there are two different sets of neural pathways being strengthened throughout a single activity: one set helps keep track of where you are within an ongoing narrative while another makes sure everything fits together. How cool!

Common questions on how to make money reading books

If you’re new to the book-reading scene, there are a few things you should know. First of all: how much do book readers get paid?

The answer is that it depends on what kind of book reader you are and where they’re reading. The most common way to make money as a non-professional reader is through programs like BookRazor, which pay their readers between $5 and $20 per hour. If your goal is to get paid for reading books online, this is likely the route for you! But there are many more sites that will pay you to read books!

How much do book readers get paid?

As in any job, the amount of money you make depends on the company. But generally speaking, you can expect to make $50-$200 per book. The more books you read and review and the more reviews you write, the more money you can earn. Especially if you can get a byline, building a name for yourself!

Does Amazon pay you to read books?

No, sadly they don’t. But they do have a program called Kindle Unlimited that will pay you to read books on the Kindle app. This is not exactly the same as getting paid for reading books, but it’s still pretty cool! There is a lot of conflicting information on the web about Amazon paying you to read, and it’s probably because they change policies all the time.

Can I read books on Youtube and get paid?

So, can you read books on YouTube and get paid?

No. If we want to get technical about it, it’s not possible. However, there are other ways of getting paid for reading books on video platforms such as YouTube. You just have to know how to do it!

The first option is by using an audiobook service like Audible. You can pay for an audio book with your credit card and download it onto your computer or mobile phone before sharing it with your audience via a video platform like Instagram or TikTok. When you talk about that book in the video and add an affiliate link, they will be able to click “buy now” which leads them directly into the Amazon store where they can purchase that specific title from within their app experience itself. This is called ‘affiliate income‘ and is a great way to earn money online while providing value to others! If you wanna learn more about affiliate income and how to make money with affiliate marketing, check out this affiliate marketing course.

Read books and make money now

Now that you know how to get paid to read books online, let’s talk about the most important part: making money. You can make money reading books online in many ways, but the easiest way is to write reviews. My second favorite way is starting a blog and writing about books, as creating a blog is a fun and long-term income source. Learn more about creating a blog in The Ulimate Guide To Blogging. More on both ways later.

Get paid to read books: 9 sites that pay you to read books

If you’re a reader, you know it’s tough to find the time to read all of the books that you want to. Not only do we have busy schedules, but there are so many books out there in the world! Don’t worry though—we have some good news: you can get paid to read books! Yes, with these 9 sites, you can earn money for reading and reviewing them.

Now if getting paid sounds too good to be true (or maybe even a little suspicious), let us assure you that this is not some scam or pyramid scheme. It’s real and legit. These sites don’t just pay their reviewers money; they offer really good prices on e-books as well. So even if your favorite hobby isn’t reading (and we hope it is!), there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t take advantage of these opportunities for extra cash and prizes! We’ve compiled our list of best websites that pay readers based on several criteria including payout per hour and per book.

Reading is a great way to unwind, but it can also be a great way to make money. If you’re looking for ways to make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home, then these sites are for you:

  • Bibliocrunch – Bibliocrunch is an online community where you can make money by reading and reviewing books, but this one also gives you the option to sell your own books through their website at no cost to you!
  • BookMooch – This site lets you trade books with other members in exchange for credits that can be redeemed for cash or other items. It’s free to join, and there are no fees to use their services.
  • Kirkus Reviews – Kirkus Media is looking for experienced book reviewers of English and Spanish-language titles to review for Kirkus Indie, the book review magazine’s section dedicated to self-published authors. Kirkus Reviews is one of the most respected book review companies in the world, and they pay $100 per review. It’s a pretty easy gig too—just read the book and write up your thoughts on it.
  • The US Review of Books – The US Review of Books hires freelance writers to review books for the publication. The US Review of Books pays around $40 per review, and they also offer a flexible schedule so you can work around your other commitments if needed.
  • BookSliced – BookSliced lets readers share their opinions on books they’ve read with other users in exchange for points they can redeem later on Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards—the more points you have, the more expensive those gift cards are! It’s a great way to get some free stuff while getting paid at the same time!
  • Reedsy – Hundreds of authors have submitted their books to be discovered. As a reviewer you get access to our submissions pool and can read and review these books before they launch. Reedsy offers $50 per review if you use their platform to find books instead of working directly with publishers or authors.
  • Booklist – Booklist seeks reviewers who are familiar with both books and libraries. A library degree is not required. Booklist pays $75 per review.
  • BookBrowse – BookBrowse reviews both adult fiction and nonfiction, and some books for young adults. BookBrowse pays $50 for each book review that you submit via their website.
  • Online Bookclub – Find the gems out of the millions of books published each year alone.They pay around $5 to $50 for each book that you review.

How to find a career in the publishing industry to get paid to read

You want to get paid for reading books and make it a career instead of getting paid per book, this is for you. I know it sounds like a dream come true, but it’s also a lot of work. To start off, you need to find a career in the publishing industry that will allow you to do this.

There are many different jobs within the publishing industry and finding one that allows you to read books all day can be hard. Luckily for you though, there are many options out there that allow us to get paid while doing what we love.

You could become an editor or copy editor or proofreader—these are people who read books and make sure they’re good enough for publication. They often go through dozens of manuscripts before finding one worth publishing! If this sounds like something you might be interested in learning more about then check out our guide on how to become an editor.

Start a book review blog to get paid for reading books

Do you love to read? Have you ever wondered how much money people make for reading books? Well, if you’re looking for a way to make money while doing what you love, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

In order to start your own book review blog, there are several key skills that will help ensure success:

  • Writing – You need to be able to write well so that readers enjoy your content and come back frequently. If your writing is good enough, other bloggers may link back to it from their own sites or share it on social media.
  • Technical knowledge – You need to know about the technical part of creating the blog – check out my fool proof 4-step tutorial to start a blog from scratch in under 10 minutes. Or check out my WordPress TikTok tutorial on how to do it.
  • Researching – You should also know how best practices in SEO (search engine optimization) can help increase traffic on your site.
  • Monetizing – You need to learn all the ways to monetize your blog, otherwise you’re not getting paid to read! I have a lot of resources on the topic in my Ultimate Guide to Blogging but
  • Analyzing – You should also be able to analyze and interpret data in order to determine whether or not your SEO efforts are working. This can be done by comparing traffic trends over time, tracking keywords that are performing well and those which aren’t, and more! In order to be successful at SEO, you need to keep up with new trends, understand how search engines work and what they’re looking for when ranking content, and be able to analyze data in order to determine whether or not your efforts are working.

Become a book TikToker to make money reading

It’s simple: you become a book tiktokker. As you might has read, I’m currently obsessed with TikTok. As a book tiktokker, you’ll get paid to read books and share your thoughts on them with your audience.

You can do this by creating short videos (about 2 minutes long) of yourself reading the book out loud and sharing thoughts about it as you go along. Because the TikTok algorithm works so well, you’ll find likeminded people. Your video will then be uploaded to TikTok where it will be shared with hundreds of other users who like reading the same genre! If they like what they see, they may even give their opinion on the topic or even make suggestions for future books that you should read!

How much money can I make?

The most popular channels earn anywhere between $150-$300 per month by just sharing their favorite books with a wide audience; however, if your channel starts getting more views than others then expect those amounts to increase dramatically over time as well!

How do I get started? The first step is to create a TikTok account and then start following some popular book tiktokers who share their favorite reads with their followers. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to find a book of your own that you’d like to share with the world!

Read aloud for audiobooks to make money reading

You can get paid to listen to audiobooks. As in, you read them aloud, and someone else listens to the recording and pays you for it. That’s right: Reading aloud is a real job that actually has monetary value! We’ve all seen books with “Read by the Author” on them—this is one such example of that concept, except instead of an author reading their own book out loud and making money from it (as they should), an outsider will do so instead (and make money for doing so).

So how much does it pay? According to Payscale, people who record audiobooks make an average salary of $51K per year—and they can earn even more if they work in professional roles like sound engineering or post-production editing (although those positions require specific skills). If you want to give this type of work a shot yourself but aren’t sure where to start looking for jobs reading aloud for audiobooks, know that there are plenty available online; just do a quick search using keywords like “audiobook narrator” or “audio book narrator,” and I’m sure you’ll find at least one company willing to pay people just like you if not many more than that!

Become a book proofreader to get paid to read

When you read for fun, it’s easy to let your eyes skim over any errors in the text. To make sure that you’re reading every single word and catching errors, there are companies that will pay you to proofread books online. Pay rates vary from site to site but typically hover around 1 cent per paragraph (that’s one sentence).

Proofreading and editing other people’s work is also a great way to make money. This is a great way to earn some extra cash and it doesn’t require any special skills. All you need is an eye for detail, good grammar knowledge, and the ability to spot errors in writing quickly.

If you’re good at proofreading and editing, you can make some money from home by working for an online writing company or website.

You can also get paid for translating books from one language into another or creating ebooks from scratch! This is a great way to earn money while learning a new skill or improving your existing ones. Proofreading jobs are available on sites such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk), Upwork and Fiverr. Some websites even offer a chance to earn money for editing short stories or other written works.

Get paid to translate books

You can also translate books and make money doing so. Translation is a good way to earn an income and it’s in high demand. If you’re interested in translating books from one language into another, you can sign up with a site like Translators Café.

There are many publishers, including big names like Penguin Random House, that need translations done. Work for them as a freelance translator or you can become an employee at one of these companies.

You don’t have to be bilingual to translate books; you just need the ability to write well in your first language (English) and read the target language well enough so that you don’t miss any important details while translating. How much money can I make as a translator? This depends on the type of translation work you do and what kind of qualifications you have.

Get paid to create ebooks and get paid to read books?

If you have a knack for writing, then this is the best job for you. You can create your own ebooks and get paid for it. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online. There are many websites that offer this service and they pay good money as well as give you all the tools you need. Here’s how it works:

  • Firstly, find a topic that interests you
  • Then come up with an idea – write down everything that comes into your mind about this subject (this is called brainstorming)
  • Next, organize all these ideas into different chapters or topics
  • Finally, start writing!

If you want to write your own ebook, there are plenty of websites that offer this service and they pay good money as well as give you all the tools you need. Here’s how it works: Firstly, find a topic that interests you. Then come up with an idea – write down everything that comes into your mind about this subject. Next, organize all these ideas into different chapters or topics Finally, start writing! Read more about content upgrades.

How to get paid to read books

So, you want to get paid for reading books? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled this list of websites that pay people to read books. These are great sites which will help you earn some extra cash while doing something fun at the same time. Some of these sites even pay per page read or per hour spent reading so check them out now! You can get paid to read books online in many different ways! Looking for more ways to make money online? Check out the ultimate guide to side hustles here.

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