When you find yourself at a fork in the road in terms of your career, it’s vital to consider all the options before taking your next step forward. Not doing so will only put yourself at risk and maybe result in you failing to get the most out of your career and your personal potential. Here are some of the risks and rewards associated with your key options right now.

Climbing the Ladder at Your Current Company

Your first option is to stay where you are and try to climb the corporate ladder in your current company. The benefit of doing this is you know the ropes and you know the office politics; you can often use this to your advantage when it comes to clinching promotion and climbing the ladder. A downside might be that you limit your horizons if you stick to only one company.

Going it Alone

Some people find that to reach their full potential, they have to simply cut loose from their current employer and go it alone. This means setting up your own business or maybe going freelance, depending on what your career aims are. For example, if you’re working as a dentist for a big company, it might make more sense for you to head to Dental Practice Exchange and set up your own practice. It puts you in control rather than working for someone else.

Taking Up Learning Opportunities

Taking a training opportunity or completing a course of some sort might make future career progress easier and more likely for you. If that’s the case, and you feel you would benefit from that, go for it. There’s never a bad time to improve yourself and enhance your skills. Employers like skilled people and they like to see qualifications to back up the claims you make. Just make sure you can get time off work to complete this training.

Aiming for a Managerial Role

If you’ve been the same kind of role for a long time now, maybe you want to move into a more managerial position. Doing so will provide you with greater responsibilities in your career and allow you to progress through the ranks faster. Of course, you should think carefully first because managerial positions aren’t for everyone. Ensure you’re happy with what that kind of role will entail.

Moving to a Bigger Pond

Sometimes, you have to accept that you’ve outgrown the business you’re working for. Being a big fish in a small pond can be fun for a while because you feel like you’re the most talented person in the room. But eventually, you have to move to that bigger pond and embrace the challenge that comes with it.

Think very carefully before taking your next step in your career. This step could define how your career pans out for years to come, and that’s why you should never rush these big decisions before you’re ready to make them. Weigh up the pros and cons for you before taking things from there.

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