Month: November 2019

  • Managing Freelancers And Independent Contractors

    Managing Freelancers And Independent Contractors

    Once upon a time, it wasn’t conceivable for bosses and managers to lead employees who weren’t office-based. If they didn’t work within a 10-meter radius, they didn’t work for you, period. Today, increased knowledge and advancements in technology mean that more employers are managing workers who aren’t in the workplace. While the pros are obvious, there is one glaring drawback: how do you manage them effectively. You need everybody to feel as though they are part of the team, so it’s essential to find a solution to the problem. (more…)

  • How To Make Your Business Life Easier

    How To Make Your Business Life Easier

    Who doesn’t want an easier life? A life where you can concentrate on the things you enjoy, the things you excel at and the things you are passionate about. When it comes to your business, there are plenty of ways you can make life easier for yourself, and if you’re not doing them, then now is the time to start. 

  • 6 Strategies To Collect Customer Feedback

    6 Strategies To Collect Customer Feedback

    Customer feedback is a highly essential process for several reasons. Firstly, when a customer is satisfied with a product or service, it’s useful to know what is particularly impressive to them personally. With this kind of data, you can identify your strengths and brainstorm similar creative ideas. Secondly, when customers are dissatisfied, they tend to take to social media sites and write about their bad experiences or criticisms. To keep your online reputation intact, responding to such incidents is crucial. Whether good feedback or bad, continuous analysis is vital to drive the success of any business. There are a number of strategies that you can adopt. (more…)

  • How To Make The Process Of Increasing Your Companies Productivity A Breeze

    How To Make The Process Of Increasing Your Companies Productivity A Breeze

    There are so many reasons that your business’ productivity might be decreasing, but none of these should be used as excuses – after all, your profit is at stake. Getting your workforce back into action might appear to be a tricky task, but fortunately there are some tried and tested steps that you can follow in order to see results in no time at all. If your company is beginning to suffer due to a lack of productivity, then read on to uncover the best tricks and tips that can aid you in getting back on track.

    Motivating Your Staff

    Many people struggle with motivation and this of course can impact upon the quality and speed of their work, but you as a business owner have the responsibility to encourage your staff to perform to their full potential every day. There are several different things that you can do to motivate your employees, starting off by addressing the way you speak to them – are you a positive role model? You are the top tier of the company, which means that you have to embody everything that it stands for. If you do not work hard every day to achieve your goals, then why should your staff? Ensuring that you can set the best example is the very first step, and you can aid your staff by setting them goals and challenges, perhaps with rewards upon completion. By making these aims somewhat difficult to reach but with attractive prizes, you motivate your workforce to commit themselves to the task at hand. For example, an end of year bonus for any top performers will be sure to encourage every employee to spring into action. 

    Provide Them With The Tools They Need

    If your staff do not have the tools that they need to complete their task in the quickest time and to the highest standard, then you are essentially forcing them to fall at the first hurdle. Equipment plays a massive part in productivity, and using old and outdated technologies will put your team in a difficult position. How will they be able to achieve the best results without the best equipment? Luckily, gone are the days of having to put up with slow and undependable devices, as there are a wealth of organizations that are dedicated to upgrading your equipment for the benefit of your business. For example, visiting a site like can show you the wonders of utilising cloud computing, which can really speed up your working practice and provide a reliable and quality service. Modern technology is progressing at such a fast rate, so failing to take advantage of the new and improved releases will most definitely impact on your productivity. 

    Increasing your company’s productivity can be a breeze when you implement the handy hacks above. Start by addressing the way in which you present yourself to staff, and work hard to motivate and encourage them to perform to their full capabilities, whilst giving them the tools they need to succeed.

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  • Dementia In The Family How To Handle It

    Dementia In The Family: How To Handle It

    There are currently around 850,000 people with dementia in the UK and when it hits you and your family, it can be devastating. Life as you know it will change, whether it’s yourself or a loved one who has had the saddening diagnosis. It can be difficult to know how to approach the situation of dementia knowing that there will be behaviour changes, eventual loss of memory and the idea that nothing will ever be the same again. If you’ve received a diagnosis of dementia, there are plenty of things you could be doing to ensure you get the best care possible. (more…)

  • Making Your Small Business Take Off In A Competitive Industry

    Making Your Small Business Take Off In A Competitive Industry

    If your industry is highly competitive, then you might feel overwhelmed by the challenge of trying to grow your small company. You have to compete with other entrepreneurs who are trying to get their own businesses to take off, and you also have to compete with entrepreneurs who have already achieved success and amassed large client bases. So, how can you turn heads in your marketplace and acquire a slice of the market for your company? Well, let’s answer that question. The following pieces of advice should help your small business to take off in a competitive industry. (more…)

  • Is The Stress Of Business Getting To You?

    Is The Stress Of Business Getting To You?

    Feeling stressed out by running a business is a very common occurrence, for both new entrepreneurs and old hands who have done plenty of this kind of thing before. It is just one of those things that happen – and rather than seeing it as a failing or a huge problem, it might better be approached or understood as a sign that you need to start slowing down and taking care of yourself more. But what are the practical things you can do to make sure that you are able to slow down? (more…)


    Taking The Next Logical Step in Business

    Is your business doing well, consistently turning a profit month in, month out? Do you have regular customers and clients which give you financial security and stability, and the opportunity to grow? The next logical step would be to move forward, consider what you can do to make more money or future proof your venture. Here are a few ways you could go about it.  (more…)

  • Amazing Technologies To Be Excited For The Future

    Amazing Technologies To Be Excited For The Future

    Technology is an amazing thing. Since the start of the 20th-century technology has seen a jump start and with every discovery, we have seen exponential growth in the potential of our world. 

    We’ve seen complex AI systems capable of thinking, deep learning gpu servers, and even hoverboards taking over the world. We are able to hold the world in our pockets in the form of a small rectangle and still we are on the verge of a whole new age of technological advancement. 

    Today I want to take a look at some of the most amazing technologies that will be developed very soon, so whether you are a digital nomad or a technology guru, you’ll be able to spread some fun facts with your friends and family this year. 

    There will be flying cars in Japan sooner than you think.

    That’s right, Back To The Future may have been a few years early on the hovercrafts, but in 2020 drone taxis will be mass-produced in Tokyo. 

    Residential areas will be 3D Printed

    3D printers are a magical invention. Not only do they allow us to make important components for machinery and a copy of ourselves in plastic, but they can also create our homes. At present, poorer countries in South America looks to be the focus of creating 3D printed homes. 

    Clothes for every weather

    There’s nothing worse than dressing for sun and getting caught in a rainstorm, but this will soon no longer be a problem. Scientists around the world are exploring ways to make clothes that detect temperature changes and provide insulation when it becomes cold. You’ll soon be ready for all weather all the time. 

    EVEN smaller data storage units

    There is a running joke that every iPhone that is released gets bigger and bigger to support its features… but in most cases technology gets smaller and more portable. There will now be a tiny glass disc capable of holding 360 terabytes of data. 

    Robot models

    Runways will be a thing of the past soon and models will no longer be needed to show off the latest fashion. Instead, drones are going to be used to show off style. Dolce & Gabbana have already used drones in a modeling show and this trend will continue.


    Yes. You read that right. Soon, no more waiting for the delivery driver to get to your door with a less than hot pie… now you’ll be able to 3D print your own pizza with all the toppings you love

    Play video games at The Dallas International Airport

    There are video game lounges in this airport that will allow you to wait in style, and if your plane is canceled it is the perfect excuse to go for another round or two on your favorite game! 

    Blind people will be able to see art with gloves

    In 2018, a Prague art exhibition launched in virtual reality that allowed blind people and visually impaired people to enjoy the artwork. This will be a concept brought around the world in the coming years. 


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  • A Quick Start Guide to Freelancing

    A Quick Start Guide to Freelancing

    So many of us railroad ourselves into the world of employed work that we don’t even consider other options that may be out there for us. Freelancing is just one. It entails working for yourself and building your own fortune rather than working towards building someone else’s. If this sounds good to you, here’s a quick start guide! (more…)