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  • 7 Things you didn't know about menstruation

    7 Things you didn’t know about menstruation

    Every woman is unique and amazing and so is the way her body reacts during the time of the month. That’s why there are different types of sanitary pads/napkins available in the market. 

    Personal hygiene is the priority when buying a sanitary pad, and every other feature comes later. Selecting from a sanitary pad among various types and brands like Rio sanitary pads could be confusing, but you can get the right one for you with proper knowledge. 


  • 5 Types of Must-Have Casual Bags

    5 Types of Must-Have Casual Bags

    Casual bags are the epitome of functionality and style. They can be used for travel, road trips, day trips, school, work, and more! With all these different uses, it is important to find a casual bag that not only suits you but is also practical and can meet all of the needs that you have. 

    While the name suggests that they are casual, they are quite functional and can be used for a variety of different things. There are different brands selling great quality bags such as taschen für männer

    There are many different kinds of bags that are used by people daily. Depending on what you are carrying, you may need a different kind of bag. In this article, we will see 5 must-have casual bags. 

  • Why Buying A Walker Is The Best Way To Help Older People With Mobility Issues

    Why Buying A Walker Is The Best Way To Help Older People With Mobility Issues

    With elder people living in your home, you probably understand the importance of living aids. There are different products and devices that offer support to aged people. 

    One of the essential living aids for aged care is mobility aids. Mobility aids strongly assist older people in getting support and security to move freely. Around 93% of people living in elderly care facilities use these assistive devices. Walkers are one of the most trusted products for the elderly. With the passing of age, different ailments appear like arthritis, injuries, and even physical weakness. The best walkers ensure that seniors improve their mobility and standard of living. 

    This article will address how buying a walker is an excellent idea if you have senior citizens in your home.

  • The best online privacy tools for staying secure while traveling (and at home!)

    The best online privacy tools for staying secure while traveling (and at home!)

    Long time followers of mine know I’m in to online privacy and internet freedom. It was a big challange for me to figure out how to stay secure while traveling. You’re using someone else’s wifi all the time, there are different internet laws in every country you visit and what if your mobile phone or laptop gets stolen? I collected my favorite tips to stay secure at all times. 

    From secure browsers, encrypted messengers and password managers, here’s how you stay secure online and offline during traveling. 

  • How to Choose Feed that Your Chickens Will Love

    How to Choose What To Feed Your Chickens (That They’ll Love)

    Chickens love to eat different kinds of worms and larva while wandering here and now. Every time it is not possible for you to feed them different worms. There are many types of food supplements, or grubs for chickens are available in the grocery shops nowadays.

    However, you need to look for many qualities in those supplements to buy an appropriate brand quite easily. You also need to check the taste and size of the grubs to feed your chickens with ease.

    Here are some of the points that should be followed by you at the time of buying expensive grubs for chicken. Apart from this, these points will help you to find appropriate grubs for chicken which will be loved by your chickens. 

    Thus, every time you will be able to select the best one for them. In this way, you can easily accurately control their activities.

  • Kumkumadi Oil

    Kumkumadi Oil: free yourself of fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles

    In recent times it has been found that skin problems are one of the major and common problems among all. This is increasing due to excessive pollution, improper lifestyle, imbalanced diet, hormonal imbalance, stress, and others. 

    Thus, it has become necessary to find a solution that will be that one single formula for all the above situations. An herbal formulation of Kumkumadi oil is the solution to treat all skin problems irrespective of any age. 

  • The best time to test HbA1c

    The best time to test HbA1c

    The HbA1c is a helpful and cost-effective blood test employed to diagnose diabetes and monitor blood sugar glucose control in individuals who have diabetes. HbA1c refers to glycosylated or glycated hemoglobin. 

    This blood test signals whether the levels of blood glucose are greater than normal for a few months. It does it by seeing the amount of sugar in a person’s red blood cells. 

    Today, you can book an HbA1c test for diabetes from your home without having to go to a pathology lab or standing in a hospital queue. You can then improve your condition according to the test results. Thus, you’ll get to know whether your diabetes is in control or not. 

    The Suitable Time to Test HbA1c

    This test is a simple blood test, and you do not require to fast or prepare for it, especially beforehand. Since HbA1c is stable throughout the day and night, you can take the test at any time. It won’t make much difference. 

    But it can make a 0.3% difference in the time of the year you test HbA1c. HbA1c cycles up and down two times a year. It tends to be more in April, March, and May in the tests in the northern hemisphere. 

    Its because the glucose levels peak during the winter months. You can use this test along with others for diagnosing diabetes. 

    Does a Greater HbA1c Always Point to Diabetes?

    Contrary to the widespread assumption, a greater HbA1c does not always point to diabetes. Other factors also impact a person’s HbA1c levels. Most people have HbA (adult hemoglobin) or type A hemoglobin. 

    However, some people also have another form of hemoglobin. It is called hemoglobinopathy. It can result in low or high HbA1c results that are not right.

    Apart from this, iron deficiency or anemia can also give a false HbA1c level. On the other hand, conditions like chronic liver disease, hemolytic anemia, chronic kidney disease, and blood loss will result in a false low HbA1c test. 

    Some supplements and drugs also interfere with the test results. These include the following:

    • Aspirin treatment 
    • Supplements of vitamin B12, iron, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin E
    • Erythropoietin therapy
    • Specific antimicrobial and antiviral medicines 

    Understanding the Results for HbA1c

    The typical result of this test is between 3.5 to 6 percent. It is 15 to 42mmol/mol. You might wonder about a bad HbA1c level. Abnormal results are more than the normal range. 

    They signal a probable diabetes diagnosis. Abnormal results also indicate poor diabetes control. If you have this test to diagnose diabetes, note that a 6.5 percent or higher result is a sign of diabetes. 

    To confirm this result, a doctor recommends repeating the test. You should repeat it, particularly if you harbor no symptoms of diabetes. If you already have diabetes and your HbA1c comes out to be 6.5 to 7 percent, it means your blood glucose control has been good in the last few months. 

    Apart from that, if you have abnormal results, your physician will discuss your current lifestyle. They will ask questions about your diet and the amount of physical activity you engage in every day. You should always aim for the results to be in this range for yourself.

    This test is perfect for inspecting your worsening diabetes problem. You can easily find if you are taking control of your diabetes or not. Today, you can find the HbA1c test price to be as little as Rs. 300. So you can quickly book it online and diagnose and monitor your diabetic conditions efficiently.

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  • Why do people get cancer?

    Why do people get cancer?

    Do you know cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide? Nearly one in every six deaths is caused due to cancer. Though this disease has been around since ancient times, it seems that more and more people are getting it these days. Why this? Doctors at the best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad say that there is no one single cause of cancer. 

    It is caused by the interaction of many factors that include lifestyle, genetic disorder, environmental, and more. However, cancer is curable if detected early and treated effectively. 

    Cancer develops as a result of mutations in the genes of your cells. Genes are made of DNA and control everything cells do. 

    When cells grow, when they divide into new cells, and when they die, all these things are decided by genes only. So any changes made in genes can cause cells to grow out of control, which sometimes leads to cancer. 

    Over 90 percent of cancers observed globally have shown some genetic alteration. These alterations are either inherited or sporadic, occurring by chance or due to environmental exposures (usually over many years). 

  • 4 Signs To Know Your Roof Needs An Instant Repair

    4 Signs To Know Your Roof Needs An Instant Repair

    Your home is where you are safest, but what if the roof that protects you from storms, rain, winds, and heat weaken or you need roof repair? This is pretty natural, especially in older buildings. Many homeowners who overlook roof maintenance end up facing problems like leaking roofs. 

    If you take a gander at the roof of your commercial property, you may not understand the issues, mainly because the problem lies under the roof. Prevention is always better than cure. A simple inspection can help you avoid significant damage and expenses in the future. If the roof is leaking or making weird noises, you can consider using any of the top-of-the-line commercial roofing services in Hartford to take a look at it. 

    Here are four clear signs that will tell you if your roof needs an instant repair. Take a look.

  • How can one invest in unlisted lava shares?

    How can one invest in unlisted lava shares?

    It is not uncommon to invest in the shares of listed companies like The SBI, Reliance, Amazon, etc. The authorities constantly monitor the shares of listed companies. 

    However, the shares of the unlisted companies present a better and more profitable deal for investments, but they come with all kinds of financial and security-related risks. The value of these unlisted shares can face a drastic rise and fall, making it difficult for investors to assess the profit and loss rate. 

    For example, according to a recent news report, the Lava share price experienced a considerable rise of 20%, whereas another company’s share price declined by about 40%. Several private companies choose to put their shares beyond the listed trading of the stock market as it entails profitable results for the companies.

    There are many ways, through which one can invest in the unlisted shares of a company. Some of these ways are listed below:

  • The Golden Cities in India

    The Golden Cities in India

    India is a rich celebration of cultures, cuisines, festivities, and splendid landscapes. This is evident right from verdant villages to lively metro cities. To add to that, a few cities in India have been dubbed the “Golden City” because of their architectural, historical and unique offerings. 

    You can book cheap flights to India and create a golden opportunity for yourself indeed! To get you started here are some of the Golden Cities of India you can explore:

  • 6 Myths And Facts About Breast Cancer

    6 Myths And Facts About Breast Cancer

    Cancer is a term that nobody likes to hear from their doctor. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer forms diagnosed in India. Though it accounts for almost 25%-31% al the total cancer reports in women, most of these are not life-threatening. 

    Early detection and breast cancer treatment is the best way to fight this disease. Fortunately, after years of research and experiments, new forms of treatment and medications have been developed to fight this deadly disease—survival rates have increased tremendously in the last decade.

    Though the disease has been around for a few decades, many are unaware of the causes, medication, and treatment of this disease. Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it is about one’s health, and you must be able to differentiate myths from facts.

    Knowledge about breast cancer is necessary for everyone, and it will help society detect, diagnose and cure this troublesome disease early and efficiently. This article will list some popular myths and the facts about this disease.